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Many of you already receive the PCGS Newsletter also known as the PCGS eZine.

In every issue, we randomly give away a coin to one of our subscribers. And in every newsletter we also have a survey at the bottom of the newsletter. In this issue, we will give out a PCGS-encapsulated 1854 Large Cent to the best Survey question submitted to us so that we can use in the next PCGS eZine.

All you need to do is submit a coin-related survey question for us to post in the next eZine. Anyone can submit a suggestion for our survey; it just has to be a question that requires a “Yes” or “No” answer. Example – Do you own one or more PCGS-graded coins? Our subscribers would then answer “Yes” or “No.”

Submit your suggestion here on the PCGS Blog  (under “COMMENTS” above this page).

If we use your survey suggestion for the next eZine, we will send you a FREE PCGS-encapsulated 1834 Large Cent. (Any other survey suggestions we use will be subsequently credited to the people who submitted them.)

1c 1854

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  1. ALAN HEPLER says:

    Do you think that had there been grading and slabbing companies on the scene earlier that you would have a better collection today?

  2. Al Kowsky says:

    Have you ever considered sending in a coin in an old PCGS holder for regrade in a new holder?

  3. Louis Golino says:

    Do you think the U.S. Mint should put an “S” on 2011 American silver eagles struck at San Francisco?

  4. Alex Luyando says:

    Would you attend a beginner’s course on coin collecting?

  5. Kevin P says:

    Do you think the composition of US coins will change within the next year or two?

  6. David Brenner says:

    Do you think that the numismatic community should do more to attract people to the hobby by encouraging Hollywood and Television to feature more stories involving coins, like in the recent movie “Dear John” or the old Hawaii 5-O episode featuring the Liberty Head 1913 Nickel?

  7. Do you think Uncirculated Sets are more popular than Proof Sets?

  8. Ross Johnson says:

    Should PCGS provide population figures and complete online verification for all WTC Ground Zero Recovery coins they have certified/graded?

  9. Chris H says:

    Do you ever check through your circulated coins before a purchase?

    I know I’ve found some OMG coins when I do.

  10. Bob Henry says:

    Do you view similar coins in old slabs differently than those in new slabs?

  11. Rob H. says:

    Do you know anyone under 18 years of age that collect coins?

    (Our youth can keep the hobby going forever)

  12. Bob Prater says:

    In the current economic climet, do you find yourself selling more coins?

  13. thomas oglin says:

    Do you get irritated when folks refer to the Winged
    Liberty Head dime as the “Mercury”?

  14. Jaime says:

    Hi Alan, Al, Louis, Alex, Kevin, David, Tom, Ross, Chris, Bob and Rob,

    All good survey questions so far. I think I am going to use all of them for future surveys!

    Remember, we will choose the best survey question next week and send that person a FREE PCGS 1834 Large Cent.

    Thanks for all the great responses so far.


  15. Rhys M says:

    Do you plan on purchasing any America the Beautiful 5 oz silver products?

  16. James McAuley says:

    Do you think the US mint is making too many different “Collector Coins”??

  17. Bill Storms says:

    “If you could easily invest in collector coins in an IRA would you be more likely to purchase rare coins on a regular basis?

  18. zach b says:

    Should PCGS adopt a “star” designation like NGC to denote excellent eye appeal?

  19. Jim Bowling says:

    “Will modern coin collecting ever rival classic coin collecting?”

  20. Jim Schwartz says:

    Have you ever found a silver coin in your spare change?

  21. rusty says:

    have you ever considered taking an ana summer class?

  22. rusty says:

    have you ever been stuck with a non genuine coin?

  23. Micah Nichols says:

    “Do you think silver will reach $50.00 an ounce in 2011?”

  24. Is it possible that truly effective countermeasures against fake coins and fake slabs can be developed?

  25. Gordon Diffendaffer says:

    With the population of copper cents being depleted by people hoarding them solely for their metal content, do you think there will be an increase in the numismatic value of copper cents in the higher grades?

  26. Daron Scalese says:

    If you have classic gold coins you would like graded or reholdered by PCGS, would you like to have the option of using the gold foil label used on the 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle & the San Francisco gold coins recovered from the Central America ship wreck ?

  27. Robert Hatcher says:

    Do you think a dollar coin will ever be accepted over the dollar bill as part of mainstream circulation of money in the United States ?

  28. Have you helped anyone begin a collection through a gift of a coin or collection album in the last year?

  29. Giannis Koromilas says:

    Do you think that after the introduction of the Euro there is a decline in demand for coins of older currencies like the Mark or Francs?

  30. Ger H says:

    Do you think Lincoln cents are more popular among PCGS collectors than Morgan Dollars?

  31. Ger H says:

    Do you think PCGS should grade coins with a “minus” grade as well as a “plus” grade?

  32. Ger H says:

    Are you most likely to buy a PCGS graded coin costing over $500 at an auction?

  33. Jack Barnes says:

    Do you think it is worth the time, cost and effort to collect original coins, when there is so much coin doctoring and counterfeiting (slabs and coins) ?

  34. Andrew Fanning says:

    Do you buy most of your coins locally or through the internet?

    Would you like to see gold bullion replicas of America’s most popular coins (Mercury dime, Standing Liberty quarter, Walking Liberty half) from the US Mint?

  35. Is coin collecting or investing your number one passion?

  36. Paul Seaton says:

    Has the introduction of high quality fakes in PCGS
    holders with authentic certification numbers changed
    your mind on investment grade coins?

  37. Robert Fagaly says:

    In addition to the traditional mint state grades of MS-60, MS-63 and MS-65, should MS-64 be considered a full grade?

    [not part of the question, but there will be an article discusses this in the next ANS’s American Journal of Numismatics]

  38. Greg F says:

    Have rising commodity (gold / silver) prices prompted your friends / associates to be interested in coin collecting as an investment vehicle?

  39. Gary Adkins says:

    Will the proliferation of Chinese counterfeit coins and counterfeit third party holders stop you from pursuing your collecting goals?

  40. JCoin says:

    Do you think that increasing foreign interest (e.g. from Chinese collectors) in US coins is necessarily a good thing for US collectors?

    (Prices of coins would invariably increase and thus the value of what you already own would appreciate, however wouldn’t this make coin collecting that much more expensive?)

  41. Hoy Hawkins says:

    Do you think the proof grade system should be completely revised for pre 1982 lincolns?

  42. E.Fitzgerald says:

    Has PCGS certification stimulatred your desire to collect or invest in certified coins?

  43. M.Peloquin says:

    Do you prefer PCGS graded coins over other third-party encapsulated coins?

  44. Jaime says:

    Wow, so many great survey suggestions so far! There so good, that I am going to try to answer all of them.

    Thanks for all the replies so far.

    Alan – Yes
    Al – Yes
    Louis – Absolutely
    Alex – Yes
    Kevin – No
    David -Yes
    Tom – Yes
    Ross – Yes (I will look into this)
    Chris – Yes
    Bob -Yes
    Rob – Yes
    Bob – No
    Thomas – No (I call them Mercury Dimes also, sorry)
    Rhys – Yes
    James – yes
    Bill – Yes
    Zach – Maybe
    Jim – Yes
    Rusty – Yes
    Rusty – No
    Micah – Yes (Im hoping as I own some junk silver) :)
    Howard – Yes (Were working on it)
    Gordon – No
    Daron – Yes
    Robert – No
    Arthur -Yes
    Giannis – Yes
    Ger – Yes (Good Question but we used this in the last survey)
    Ger – No
    Ger – Yes
    Jack – Yes
    Andrew -Yes
    Jack – No
    Paul -No
    Robert -Yes (Sounds like an interesting article)
    Greg -Yes
    Gary – No (Nice to hear from you Gary)
    JCoin – Yes
    Hoy -No
    E. Fitzgerald – Yes
    M. Peloquin – Yes

  45. Jon Coolidge says:

    The rumor has persisted for years that the cent denomination will be discontinued, and yet it endures. Should the U.S. Mint discontinue minting “pennies”?

  46. B.R. says:

    Have you purchased coins from a t.v. coin program?

  47. Jon – Yes
    B.R. – Yes (about ten years ago)

  48. Michael Hudson says:

    Would you send in more coins for grading if the process for sending them in was more simplified?

  49. greg morris says:

    Have you ever won first place for a PCGS registry set?

  50. ferdya says:

    Should PCGS “regrade” or “comment” on coins graded by other certifiers?

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