Ask Don: Submission Services

Don Willis

Posted on August 12, 2014 by 1 Comment

In this issue’s video I do a quick overview of the various submission services that PCGS offers. It can get confusing when you consider all the options each service provides. Never hesitate to contact our excellent Customer Service group at 800-447-8848 with any questions you may have. Additionally, we announce a Crossover Special for the September Long Beach show. This popular special is available only for coins submitted at the show. See the video for more details or contact customer service. [ eCollector hint: If you cannot attend the show you can send your crossovers to the office for submission at the show.]

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Don’s Desk: PCGS Loves Set Registry Members

Don Willis

Posted on July 29, 2014 by No Comments

PCGS loves our Registry members! We are only a couple weeks away from the big ANA summer show and of course our annual PCGS Registry luncheon. We look forward to this chance to meet with so many of the Registry participants, to listen to their suggestions and to share new and upcoming developments at PCGS. Of course we also enjoy recognizing some of the top Registry Set collections and honoring the collectors that put them together. It’s a fun time for all. We hope to see you in Chicago!

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What is Coin Grading? PCGS Explains the Process & its Value to Coin Collectors

Don Willis

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PCGS has been the most trusted grading service for many years. In 1986 PCGS was the first service to offer a lifetime guarantee on every coin we certify. That guarantee provided assurance to collectors and investors alike and resulted in thousands of new faces appearing in the collecting market. Prices have soared as buyer confidence has increased. Many coins are traded “sight seen” but there is even a “sight unseen” market for PCGS certified coins. This would not be possible without the confidence held by many in our grading standards as well as our lifetime guarantee. That is why today PCGS certified coins are the most liquid and most sought-after coins in the market.

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Pogue Family Collection

Don Willis

Posted on July 1, 2014 by 1 Comment

Earlier this month there was an announcement that got everyone’s attention – the sale of the famous, yet mysterious, Pogue family collection. This collection of early US federal coins may be the finest collection of its type ever assembled. To learn more about the collection, please view David Hall’s announcement video.

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Ask Don: Tokens & Medals

Don Willis

Posted on June 17, 2014 by 1 Comment

Do you collect U.S. Medals or Tokens? Are you aware that PCGS recognizes many different tokens and medals? Over the past couple years we have added a great many new types of tokens and medals to the list of what we will authenticate and grade. That list numbers in the thousands and crosses the spectrum of many different collecting series. Basically we will recognize any token or medal listed in a number of standard reference guides. More information is available on our website. You can also check out this week’s video for more information.

Here is a new and updated list of new U.S. tokens and medals PCGS will now recognize.

  • Period 3 California Pioneer Fractional Gold, from the reference “California Pioneer Fractional Gold 2nd Edition” by Breen & Gillio.
  • So-Called Dollars, from the reference “So-Called Dollars 2nd Edition” by Hibler & Kappen.
  • Civil War Patriotic Tokens, from the reference “Patriotic Civil War Tokens 5th Revised Edition” by George & Melvin Fuld.
  • Civil War Store Cards, from the reference “U.S. Civil War Store Cards 2nd Edition” by George & Melvin Fuld.
  • Hard Times Tokens, from the reference “Hard Times Tokens 6th Edition” by Russell Rulau.
  • Sutler Tokens, from the reference “Civil War Sutler Tokens and Cardboard Scrip” by David E. Schenkman.
  • U.S. Assay Commission Medal, from the reference “Medals of the United States Assay Commission 1860-1977” by R.W. Julian and Ernest E. Keusch.
  • U.S. Mint Medals, from the reference “Medals of the United States Mint, The First Century 1792-1892” by R.W. Julian.
  • U.S. Mint Medals, from the reference “Medals of the United States Mint”, by Kenneth M. Failor & Eleonora Hayden.
  • Betts Medals, from the reference “American Colonial History, Illustrated by Contemporary Medals”, by C. Wyllys Betts.
  • Baker Medals, from the reference “Medallic Portraits of Washington, 2nd Edition”, by Russel Rulau & George Fuld.
  • Bolen Medals, from the reference “The Medallic Work of John Adams Bolen”, by Neil E. Musante.
  • Political Tokens and Medals, from the reference “American Political Badges and Medalets 1789-1892” by Edmund B. Sullivan.
  • Rulau Tokens and Counterstamps, from the reference “Standard Catalog of United States Tokens 1700-1900” by Russell Rulau.
  • Military Tokens, from the reference “Military Tokens of the United States Volume 1 (Domestic Issues)” by Paul A. Cunningham.
  • Commemorative Medals, from the reference “National Commemorative Medals of the United States of America since 1873” by William Swoger.
  • Counterstamped Coinage, from the reference “Merchant and Privately Countermarked Coins” by Gregory G. Brunk.
  • Krause Unusuals listed in the US Section, from the reference “Unusual World Coins, 6th Edition” by Krause Publications
  • Bashlow Restrikes.

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Ask Don: PCGS TrueView Photo Service

Don Willis

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PCGS offers several services that complement coin grading. One of those services is our TrueView service. In my opinion the best photographs in the business are TrueView photos. You can build your virtual collection using TrueView photos and enjoy it anywhere you are, anytime you wish with no security concerns or logistical hassles. TrueView photos add a new dimension to coin collecting that I really enjoy. Check out this week’s video for more information on this service.

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Special Long Beach Expo Preview Featuring David Hall

David Hall

Posted on May 20, 2014 by No Comments

Hello Fellow Coin Enthusiasts

David Hall here to share with you the special attractions that are making the Long Beach Expo the must-attend show of the summer! Pawn Stars, the famous cable TV show, will be doing a casting audition at the show so bring your antiques and collectibles. We will also have 20 dealers from mainland China and Hong Kong visiting Long Beach. Many of these dealers are coming to the United States for the first time, and several have never been out of China before – making this a rare opportunity for you to interact with the best dealers China has to offer! I hope to see you there!

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Ask Don: Variety Pricing Explained

Don Willis

Posted on May 6, 2014 by 1 Comment

Greetings! As I’ve said before I enjoy learning about a coin or a series as much as finally adding one to my collection. Knowing the story behind the coin adds dimension and depth to collecting any series. Part of that story is varieties. In this week’s video, we talk about varieties and a short cut you can use to determine which varieties PCGS considers major and includes in basic grading versus varieties that we consider minor and additional to grading.

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Ask Don: Auction Prices Realized

Don Willis

Posted on April 22, 2014 by 1 Comment

With over 2.8 million records, the PCGS Auction Prices Realized archive is extremely useful. For many this is a well-kept secret that is tucked away on our website.  As a buyer, I want to know what others have paid for coins similar to what I am considering purchasing!  APR is one of three major data points that I have always used in buying or selling coins. The others are the PCGS Population Report and the PCGS Price Guide.  Using these three tools, and sometimes a bit of deductive reasoning, reasonable conclusions can be reached in regard to a coin’s value, availability and desirability. In this week’s video we explore the APR system offered by PCGS. Take a minute to check it out, and more importantly, go to  and see for yourself.

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Coin Market Buffet

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Imagine going to a really nice restaurant – for our purposes, let’s call this eatery Joe’s Restaurant – and the menu only offers one item.

The menu shows a steak that looks dry and it’s made well-done only, they use one specific spice and offer you one side dish. Most of you would probably walk out of Joe’s Restaurant and find some other place to eat, or if you are in a hurry, you might just try the plain steak and side dish, eat it and be done. But more than likely, you won’t enjoy it and probably will never return to Joe’s again.

On the other hand, imagine going to a place called Fabio’s Restaurant where you are offered dozens of different meats to choose from like filet mignon, tenderloin, porterhouse, T-bone, rib eye, and more. To top it off, they have dozens of different spices for each meat and they offer it cooked several different ways: medium, medium rare, rare – you name it! For those who are on a diet or who are vegetarians, they also have many salads, fruits, vegetables, dozens of different salsas, sides, drinks, and desserts. And they all look delicious!

Luckily for collectors, the coin market is very similar to Fabio’s Restaurant, which has all the different meats, spices and side dishes. Coin collectors can choose from an array of meats, sides and spices.

In coins, you can select from different countries, denominations, designs, metal contents, years, mint marks and even varieties and die varieties.

  • Collectors on a financial diet can chose from inexpensive coins.Coin vegetarians can collect only graded coins.
  • Tourist can collect coins from different countries.
  • Collectors who like hot and spicy coins can collect bullion.
  • Collectors who like to supersize their meals can collect supersized Morgan Silver Dollar (or those who like the triple size meals can go for the 5 ounce coins)!

There are no holds barred when it comes to collecting coins. No matter what the collector is looking for, our restaurant, which we will call The Coin Market for the purposes of this article, has it all.

It’s no wonder that The Coin Market has happy returning customers every year!

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