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PCGS Secure Plus…The Big One

Posted on March 29, 2010 by 3 Comments

We announced a bunch of new things at the ANA show in Fort Worth, Texas last week…on March 25 to be exact. If you didn’t get the news yet there’s a video on the PCGS home page.

Basically, there are three new things we’re doing. First, we’ve formalized guidelines for how eye appeal effects grade (Chck out the cool images on the PCGS home page.) Second, we’re gone to “plus” grading to help the market recognize what we’ve all known for years, i.e. that high end coins are worth more and are recognizablly different. Finally, we now have a process, computer software and laser imaging, that can regognize coins we’ve seen before.

The feedback from people at the coin show who either saw the new coins, had some coins graded, or bought some coins was extremely positive. People like the idea that some of their coins are worth more money and those who truly understand the “Secure” part of the deal are excited about what it will do in terms of dealing with coin doctoring and gradeflation.


The feedback from those not at the show…message boards, etc…has been mixed. Some of you just aren’t getting this. First…as Don Willis said, “This is the first day…it will evolve.” Second, as I said, “This is the a first step, a first huge step.” The plus part is great and everyone will benefit. But the real meat of the new deal is the Secure part. We will use technology to improve the coin market…how coins are graded and how they are bought and sold. Watch what happens in the next year or two. The coin market is in a pretty good place and it’s going to get even better.

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