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PCGS Developments – First 60 days

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2011 is only 60 days old and PCGS has already had so many new developments that I thought I would take a couple minutes and recap a few. Before I do, I hope everyone follows our website. You should be checking regularly (daily?) to stay on top of all the developments we are making. Be sure to read the Product Spotlights as well as our news releases to remain current with the most recent developments.

* The year started with our announcing that the Coin Sniffer had gone online and was being used for all Secure Plus submissions as well as other submissions on a case by case basis.

* A new membership level was announced – the Diamond Level. Basically the Diamond membership is a combination of a Platinum level membership with a one year subscription to PCGS CoinFacts at an attractive “members only” price.

* An updated Million Dollar Coin Club was issued with revised valuations and a few new additions. The new report is available for free on our website.

* We announced that all edge anomalies on Presidential Dollars as well as Native American dollars would be recognized as errors not varieties. New Registry sets were created that include these error designations.

* Of course we celebrated our 25th anniversary with a party at the February Long Beach show and will continue to celebrate our anniversary all year.

* A new Collector Club Quarterly Special format was introduced. We moved away from specials based on a particular coin to specials based on a service level. The first quarterly special is 4 Economy submissions for the price of 3.

* We announced that we will begin recognizing some 2009 Ultra High Relief (UHR) coins as Proof Like (PL). At the same time we announced that we will begin recognizing some 2010 5 oz. America the Beautiful coins as PL or DMPL (Deep Mirror Proof Like).

* A new feature was added to PCGS CoinFacts called “Rate a Page”. With this enhancement we encourage all subscribers help us make CoinFacts even better by sharing their comments with us for every page in CoinFacts in addition to rating each page.

* A significant counterfeit protection feature was added to Certification Lookup. Now when you look up a cert. number the system will provide links to any auction in our database of almost 2 million records where the coin has sold as well as any Registry set it is part of. Since most of these links contain photos of the coin we believe it will greatly help potential buyers who are uncertain if the coin being offered is genuine.

* We eliminated the multiple submission forms of old and replaced them with a single form that can handle all of your submissions. The new forms are online. If you need new forms see us at a show or contact Customer Service.

As you can see, it has been a busy first two months! At PCGS we love coins and are working hard to make your coin collecting experience more interesting, rewarding and fun!

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This week, like every week, I’ve spent part of each day working on the Condition Census.  As part of our grading process, we identify and photograph any coins that are potential Condition Census candidates.  After the images are sent to me, I integrate them into PCGS CoinFacts to ensure that the Condition Census is up-to-date and accurate.   Since these coins are considered the best-of-the-best, I get to see some pretty amazing coins (or, at least, pictures of coins).

In the past two weeks, hundreds of images came through from the High Desert Collection (one of the best collections in the PCGS Set Registry).  Virtually every coin in this amazing collection qualifies for the Condition Census, and many are at the very top.  I’d like to share one of my favorite coins from this collection — a 1776 Pewter Continental Dollar in PCGS MS65+.  I’ve always liked Colonial coins, but this is one of the most historic of them all.  It’s a large coin, bigger than a U.S. Silver Dollar.  The fact that it is made of pewter, a soft metal prone to corrosion, makes the grade all that more incredible.  I haven’t researched the history of this coin yet, but I’m sure that whoever owned this coin over the past two centuries, took very special care of it.  It is an amazing coin and I encourage you to take a peek at it.

As I run across more coins from this special collection (and others), I’ll let you know.

Have fun!

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Comments on PCGS CoinFacts

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We recently added rating and comments capabilities to the individual coin pages on PCGS CoinFacts.  This way, viewers can leave feedback on what they like (or dislike) about the information we’re presenting and/or comments on how we can improve the site.  One of the first comments we received pointed out the lack of diagnostic images for Washington Quarter varieties.  So, today, we now have images in place for ALL Major Varieties in the Washington Quarters, plus several of what we call the Minor (or Die) Varieties.  Check them out when you get a chance and, now that you can, let us know what you think!

Here’s a sample…

Diagnostics for the 1937 Quarter Dollar Double Die Obverse

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