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Have Coins Ever Brought Back Memories For You?

Posted on May 4, 2012 by 9 Comments

Sometimes, all it takes is one little item to remind you of a significant moment in your life. 

At the time I was about 7 to 12 years old my father would  take any unusual coins that he received in change, and he would then place them inside a red sock.

Over the years, he accumulated a small coin collection of Wheat Cents, Buffalo Nickels, Roosevelt Silver Dimes, Kennedy Half’s, Eisenhower and Susan B. Anthony Dollars.

 Although, the coins were not worth a significant premium, they were still worth something to my father, or at least, enough for him to go in his closet and dig for his red sock and insert any unusual coin every time he got one in change.

I will admit, coins at times have brought back memories for me. Sometimes, when I see a circulated or worn Eisenhower or Susan B. Anthony Dollar, they bring back memories for me, going back more than 20 years.

Have Coins Ever Brought Back Memories for You?

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