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Miss Liberty With An Earring?

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How many U.S. coins show Miss Liberty with an earring?

The coin pictured above is a rare pattern coin from 1882, with a design that was used on the Quarter Dollar, Half Dollar, and One Dollar pattern coins. The distinctive feature of this coin is the piece of jewelry dangling from Liberty’s ear. Apparently, this was one of the few times (and it may be the only time, upon further reflection) that Liberty was ever depicted with an earring!

Can you think of any other?

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The 1802 Proof Dollar – One of Only 4 Known

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Images courtesy of PCGS CoinFacts (

The 1802 Proof Dollar, of which only 4 are known, is three times as rare than the 1804 Silver Dollar (15 known). This one is graded PCGS PR64 and comes with the following pedigree:

Captain John W. Haseltine – possibly from the set of coins Haseltine exhibited at Cogan’s Jewett Sale in January 1876 – Thomas Cleneay Collection – S.H. & Henry Chapman 12/1890:949 – Peter Mougey Collection – Thomas Elder 9/1910:962 – John P. Lyman Collection – S. Hudson Chapman 11/1913:14 – H. O. Granberg Collection – B. Max Mehl 7/1919:30 – unknown intermediaries – B. Max Mehl private treaty, 1/1937 – Ambassador and Mrs. R. Henry Norweb – Bowers & Merena 11/1988:3770 – Don Hosier – Superior 2/1991, not sold – Jack Lee Collection – Heritage 11/2005:2199 (as PCGS PR64 60087183), $316,250

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