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(1908) $1 Y-73.2, Y-73.3, Y-73.4 and LM-465 Cld. Sep

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Cloud Connected


Coin # 173437






Cloud Seperated

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Coin # 504399










Fancy 3


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Coin # 507270









Short Spine


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Coin # 171805















Short Spine (DDO) Doubled Die Obverse


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Coin # 508415











Cross 4

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Coin # 163912

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Don’s Desk: PCGS Office Shanghai Grand Opening Recap

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I just returned from the grand opening of the new PCGS office in Shanghai, China. What a spectacular welcome we received! The Shanghai Coin Expo was organized around our inaugural week of grading. This two day show was very well attended by dealers and collectors from all over China. The opening ceremony welcoming PCGS was attended by an enthusiastic standing room only crowd. Several exceptional Chinese coins were on display including the most valuable Chinese silver and gold coins, both graded by PCGS. The Chinese market for certified coins is young and exciting and will continue to be a major focus for PCGS. If you have never been to Shanghai you should pay a visit. It’s a beautiful city with entire buildings devoted to coin markets. Hopefully we will see you there!

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Don’s Desk: Grand Opening of PCGS Office in Shanghai, China

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As you read this many of us from PCGS are either on our way or already in Shanghai, China for the grand opening of PCGS’ new office. We are looking forward to this new adventure with great anticipation and just a little trepidation. China produces millions of collector coins each year. Coin collecting has seen a renaissance in recent years with increased collector interest and substantial price increases. As in any new venture we realize that we have our work cut out for us. Third party grading is still a relatively new concept in China but is rapidly growing in acceptance. We have launched a new website to better serve our Chinese customers. If you are ever in Shanghai please stop by and visit our office which is centrally located in Shanghai.

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Don’s Desk: Independence (Day) Coins

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As we celebrate the 237th anniversary of our country’s independence lets take a moment to reflect on how this history has been depicted over the years through our coins. From the earliest representation of the 13 colonies in the interlocked circles of the 1793 Chain Cent to the striding Miss Liberty on today’s Silver Eagles (and yesterday’s Walking Liberty half dollars) to the bicentennial Kennedy half dollars or the number of stars representing states on many flowing hair and draped bust coins, our coins tell a story of the history of our country. Numismatists, young and old, can learn a great deal about our country simply from studying our coins!

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