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Ask Don: Submit Your Questions

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We are just back from another great PCGS Members Only show in Las Vegas. It’s a small affair but offers great camaraderie, excellent food and is a terrific opportunity to buy/sell or just talk about coins. All PCGS Collector Club Members and PCGS Dealers are welcome. Included in this eCollector is a short video that we shot at the show. The video is the first of a series designed to answer your questions on a particular issue. If you have a topic or a specific question that you would like discussed in a future video please send it to us at [email protected] and include “Ask Don” in the subject line. This video’s topic is the new PCGS Reconsideration service that has proven to be very popular. We hope you find it useful.

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Don’s Desk: Is There Such a Thing as a Collecting Gene?

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Is there such a thing as a “collecting gene?” As far as I know scientists have never discovered such a thing but from an observer’s perspective there is evidence that it does exist! This collecting gene is not limited to coins, cards, comic books or stamps. It has no apparent boundaries and surfaces in some of the strangest areas. Many collectors even collect in multiple categories. For example, I collect coins and rock posters and had fun collecting dated railroad spikes. I met with someone this week who collects Nike sneakers and know of others who collect everything from old cigarette containers, to beer cans, to old car manuals, to old radios. Of course there is the Barbie dolls and figurines of all types, games, silverware, furniture – you name it! Almost everything can become a collectible. Perhaps this gene is latent in all of us, and if we stop to reflect, we might discover that we collect more things than we realize.

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