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Don’s Desk: The PCGS Guarantee

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PCGS was the first grading company to offer a lifetime guarantee on the authenticity and grade of every encapsulated coin. Back when this happened in 1986 it was a revolutionary idea! Other companies have tried to copy PCGS but, in my opinion, no one comes close. As long as a coin remains in a PCGS holder you can rely on the guarantee with confidence. The PCGS Guarantee dramatically changed the market in 1986 and since that time many new collectors and investors have felt comfortable enough to start buying PCGS certified coins. PCGS offers specific services for you to resubmit your coins if you believe there is a problem or if you believe your coin is under graded. Under no circumstances do you need remove the coin from the PCGS holder. See this week’s ‘Ask Don’ video below as I discuss this topic in more detail.

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Ask Don: Apps, Reconsideration and Diagnostics

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We are back on Standard Time and quickly approaching the end of the year. It’s time to wrap up our 2013 business and get ready to start all over again. The year is not going away quietly. Whitman’s Baltimore show runs this week along with an interesting auction by Stacks Bowers. Speaking of Stacks Bowers, we will be holding a joint event with them from Nov. 20-22 where they will offer free grading by PCGS. You can learn more about this on their website. This week is the first installment of ‘Ask Don.’ Check out the video below and send your questions to [email protected], subject line Ask Don. We will do our best to air your question.

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