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Organize Your Coin Collection Online With the Free PCGS Set Registry

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The PCGS Set Registry is extremely helpful to any coin collector. It helps you keep track of your coins, when you bought them, from whom, what you paid, you can add notes to each coin and photographs as well! The system will even tell you each coin’s value, as well as your entire inventory, per the PCGS Price Guide. And you can add non-PCGS graded coins to your inventory. It will even track your purchases and sales. Everything mentioned so far is completely confidential. No one sees your information, including PCGS. Competing is fun, but to me the hidden value of the PCGS Registry is what I just described!

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Ask Don: Where Has Everyone At Auctions Gone?

Posted on November 4, 2014 by 1 Comment

Auctions have become an increasingly popular source of new coins. There are several auction firms these days and the stream of collections and coins that are coming through them seems to be endless. Auctions have changed dramatically over the past decade. Technology has had a major impact on auction sales. Take a look at this week’s video for some observations about today’s auction market.

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