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Show Reports – The Next Best Thing to Being There

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I hate missing coin shows. They’re where all the buzz is. They’re where a lot of my friends are. They’re good barometers of the market. They’re like visiting scores or hundreds of coin shops in a single weekend. If I miss a show, I feel like I’m out of the loop. Thus, after the show is over, I immediately call up friends who I knew were at the show and ask them all about it. Or, thanks to the Internet, you can learn a lot about the show from Show Reports.

Show Reports are personal experiences as related by actual participants at the show.

For instance, I recently posted a “2016 ANA Diary” on the PCGS Blog sharing my experiences at the August 2016 American Numismatic Associations convention in Anaheim, California. Much of my time was spent in meetings, promoting PCGS CoinFacts, sharing information about coins, or answering questions at the PCGS Booth. My experience was much different from the dealers who were doing actual business on the bourse floor. So, even though I was at the show myself, I was curious to see the perspectives offered by other people. Several dealers post Show Reports, which are available to anyone with a computer (including you), so here’s what I found.

One of my favorite Show Reports is the one offered by John Agre at Coin Rarities Online . John specializes in high-end U.S. colonial coins and he is a very active buyer and seller. Plus, he tells great stories. I’ll let you read through his eight(!) days of entries to see what he had to say about the show.

Next up is Charmy Harker’s Show Report. Charmy is known in the industry as “The Penny Lady” for her penchant for Flying Eagle, Indian Head, and Lincoln Cents. Her Show Reports are among the most popular posts on the PCGS Message Boards. They are usually loaded with images from start to finish, including after-hour festivities (and great wines). For her take on the 2016 ANA show, click here.

Another great Show Reporter is Laura Sperber of Legend Numismatics, who posted Pre-, Actual-, and Post-ANA Reports. Laura’s Market Reports and Hot Topics are always exciting and they come from the standpoint of one of the leaders in the coin market.

Dave Wnuck, a former partner of the afore-mentioned John Agre, and now operating under Dave Wnuck Numismatics, LLC doesn’t report on shows per se, but he does issue an entertaining “Making The Grade” newsletter that often touches on his experiences at coin conventions. You can read archives of his newsletters here.

Numerous other people post show reports on the PCGS Message Boards and elsewhere. Combine that with the trade publications and press releases from the big auction houses, and you almost don’t have to go to shows anymore.

Okay…that may be stretching it a bit.

If you have a favorite show report, please post a link to it in the Comments section.

Even better, visit the next coin show and post your own Report!

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