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One of the recent innovations out of the great minds at PCGS is, a tool that scans the internet for numismatic listings (or other collectibles), then combines them in a searchable format. This tool makes it easy for collectors to locate the coins they need and want for their collection without having to sift through a lot of meaningless data. More importantly, tracks down coins that a visitor to the web might miss completely on obscure sites.

Your first step is to visit On the home page, you will see 10 different categories, including “Coins” in the upper left. Clicking on the “Coins” icon takes you to the main coin page. On the left side of the page is a listing of U.S., World, and Ancient coin categories with a variety of subdivisions. For instance, in the U.S. coin category, I see 31,259 listings just for gold coins. When I click on that subcategory, I get over 1,300 pages of gold coin listings (way more than I can ever want or afford). If I type “$20 gold” into the search bar near the top of the page, I get back 170 pages with over 4,071 listings (still way too much). If I narrow the search to “1884-CC $20 gold,” I’m down to 1 page with 19 listings. Now that I have a more manageable group of coins, I can sort them in a variety of ways, including by grade or price. Since I fashion myself as a quality buyer in this case, I’ll sort by grade from highest to lowest. I’m rewarded with two PCGS MS62 examples, one for $27,500 and another (with a CAC sticker) for $30,500. If I was ready to buy, I would click on either of the two coins and the system would put me in touch with the seller, and I could add a very special coin to my collection.

Since my interest is in German coins, I’ll head back to the home page and start a new search. Germany leads the World Coins section with a whopping 223,122 coins spread over 9,297 pages. If I search for just “PCGS,” I find an impressive 1,623 results in 68 pages. The most expensive PCGS-graded German coin on is a gold medal from Bavaria for $14,995, but I’m looking for something a little more generic. If I refine the search to “PCGS 1/2 Mark,” the system returns 47 results and a great group of coins from which to choose.

Up to now, you and I have been proactive in searching for coins. In other words, we only find coins if we initiate a search. However, has a great feature that allows us to create a watchlist so that if any coins show up based on our want list, we’ll get an instant email alert. We don’t even have to be on the site, yet will give us first shot at new listings. Pretty convenient, eh?

Here’s an even better feature. For those of us who participate in the PCGS Set Registry, will send us an email alert when a coin comes along that will fill a hole in our set or upgrade an existing coin. This makes it easier than ever to climb the rankings on the Registry, and it can even be critical for maintaining the top position. Also, as you visit your own sets on The PCGS Registry, you’ll sometimes see a “SHOP” button on your listings that alerts you to a coin you need for your collection.

If you’re serious about adding to and improving your sets, is a must-have tool. Try your own searches to see what turns up. I think you’ll be very impressed.

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