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(1908) $1 Y-73.2, Y-73.3, Y-73.4 and LM-465 Cld. Sep

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Cloud Connected


Coin # 173437






Cloud Seperated

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Coin # 504399










Fancy 3


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Coin # 507270









Short Spine


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Coin # 171805















Short Spine (DDO) Doubled Die Obverse


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Coin # 508415











Cross 4

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Coin # 163912

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The Best Coin Domains

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If you could own 1 coin related domain, which one would it be?

Heres mine-


Some of my other choices-

(Please don’t bother in checking the availability of the aforementioned domains, they, been taken for years!)

What Coin Domains would you like to own or which ones do you think are the Best Coin Domains?






Mint Sells 1 Million Ounces of Gold in 2011

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The Mint managed to sell 65,500 ounces of gold in December of 2011.

For the whole year U.S. Mint customer managed to buy exactly 1 million ounces of gold eagles. The majority of the gold eagle coins sold were the 1 ounce coins, as the Mint sold 910,000 of them. The remanider of the coins were half ounce, quarter ounce and tenth ounce gold eagles.

The second most popular gold eagles were the tenth ounce reaching 370,000 in sales. Third most popular were the quarter ounce coins reaching 82,000. And the least popular was the half ounce coin with sales reaching 65,000.

The best year for Gold Eagle Bullion Sales was in 1999 when the Mint sold over 2 million.


Here are the Top Ten Years of Bullion Gold Eagle Sales for the U.S. Mint

1999 2,055,500

1998 1,839,500

1986 1,787,750

2009 1,425,000

1987 1,253,000

2010 1,220,500

2011 1,000,000

2008 860,500

1997 771,250

1988 560,000


2011 Silver Eagle Sales Nearly Reach 40 Million – A New Record

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As of January 2010, the U.S. Mint has sold 39,868,500 total 2011 Uncirculated Silver Eagles. This is the all-time highest record for Silver Eagles sales by the U.S. Mint in a single year.

January 2011 appears to have had the best monthly sales with a total of 6,422,000 Uncirculated Silver Eagles being sold by the Mint.

Here is the monthly breakdown:

January 6,422,000

February 3,240,000

March 2,767,000

April 2,819,000

May 3,653,500

June 3,402,000

Jukly 2,968,000

August 3,769,500

September 4,460,500

October 3,064,000

November 1,384,000

December 2,009,000

The Mint sold three different types of Silver Eagles in 2011.

One was for investors which are the bullion coins.

Second coin was the proof coins which have a mint mark.

Third coins were the Burnished Uncirculated Silver Eagles for collectors with a mint mark.






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What is Your Single Favorite Coin Issued in 2011?

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The year 2011 is almost over and the Mint will probably not release too many other coins for the remainder of the year, especially since the holidays are coming up.Yosemite coin

During the year 2011, the Mint did a wonderful job of producing some really neat coins and including some great coin designs. Not to mention they also struck coins in record numbers for many series .

My single favorite coin issued in 2011 was the 5 oz. Yosemite Quarter.  Although, the coins have a date of 2010, most of them we’re not released until 2011.

Yosemite is a beautiful historic place and the fact that they managed to capture this historic and beautiful scene and strike it in a 5 oz. planchet, makes it even more appealing coin in my opinion.

What was your favorite coin that was issued in 2011?

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Will You Be Buying the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set?

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Will You Be Buying the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set? To answer click on “Comments above this post.

$1 2011 Silver Eagle SetThe Mint has announced that sometime in late October, they will release a special 2011 American Silver Eagle Set to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Silver Eagle series.

The set will contain five different silver eagles from 2011. 

This includes two special versions that are not usually offered by the U.S. Mint every year.

  1. The new special issue is an Uncirculated Silver Eagle with an S mintmark. (This is the first time the U.S. Mint will place an S mintmark on an Uncirculated Silver Eagle).
  2. The second special issue is a Reverse Proof struck at the Philadelphia Mint. (The last time the Mint struck a Reverse Proof coin was in 2006).
  3. The third coin is a regular bullion Silver Eagle that is issued every year by the U.S. Mint..
  4. The fourth Silver Eagle issued in the set is the regular Proof coin that is also usually offered every year by the U.S. Mint..
  5. Finally, the fifth Silver Eagle in the Set is the Uncirculated Burnished Silver eagle with W mintmark that was introduced in 2006.

The Special 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set has a maximum mintage of 100,000 sets. Because of the relatively low mintage of the set and for the American Silver Eagle series, the Mint has placed a five order per household rule into effect. The Mint has not yet announced the price of the set. There is hardly any doubt that this Special 25th Anniversary Eagle set will be very popular and more than likely, the sets will definitely sell out!

So, will You Be Buying the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set? To answer click on “Commentsabove this post.

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