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I do a lot of narratives for PCGS Coinfacts. But there are lot of coins to do, to say the least, so the question is…which coin should I do? I’ve been a major dealer in silver commems (the 1892 to 1954 issues) since 1974 and they are very popular with a lot of people so I’ve started to do that series for PCGS Coinfacts. I do at least one per day and I’m currently at the 1935-D Arkansas so I have about 135 issues to go.

For the PCGS CoinFacts narratives on silver commems I present some of the original issue and distribution facts, I go over the current rarity and relative rarity relationships, I describe what the luster and strike generally look like for the issue, and I tell any interesting stories I might know about the issue. So if you like silver commems and want this “old timer’s” view on the individual coins, then check the silver commem section out on PCGS CoinFacts, or just click on the “most recent narratives” section of the home page to see what I’ve written in the past few days.

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