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Imagine with me for a few minutes…

Imagine if you will…

Every U.S. coin…all regular Mint issues, all proofs, all varieties of those issues, and include Colonials, Territorials, and Patterns. In other words…imagine the entirety of U.S. numismatics.

Now imagine a photo…an image online…a great image…of the finest known example of all of those coins.

Imagine a variety guide…a guide which has detailed images, including close-ups, of each variety. A guide on how to distinguish each variety.

Imagine all the technical info for every coin: mintage, metal content, size, designer, etc.

OK mintage is important, but what about rarity? Well, imagine a survival rating for every coin…a rating based on expert consensus opinions. An estimate of the number of survivors in all grades, MS/PR60 or better and MS/PR65 or better. And imagine you could compare the rarity of each individual coin with all coins of its type and series.

And what about price and the PCGS Population. Imagine the price and PCGS Population for every coin in every grade in which it exists.

And while were on the subject of price, imagine a 20 year auction prices realized data base for every U.S. coin.

As for the best known examples of every coin…imagine a condition census for every U.S. coin. A list of the top ten known examples for every coin, with great images of all ten, and pedigree and auction appearance info.

And we certainly would want to known what experts say about each coin so imagine expert commentaries on every U.S. coin.

What you are imagining is what I have been imagining for over 20 years. And now with the online PCGS Coinfacts website, this grand numismatic dream…this grand scheme…is becoming a reality. It’s a massive project, a ten year plus project, but a lot of it has already been done. That’s right, there is a lot of this information up on the PCGS Coinfacts website right now….images, variety attribution guides, survival rates, condition census info, expert narratives…more numismatic information than you’ll find anywhere else, and it’s growing every day.

But as much as is already on PCGS CoinFacts, there’s even more that still needs to be done. And PCGS is totally committed to PCGS CoinFacts. It should be done, it needs to be done, and because of today’s technology it can be done. And we (PCGS) are probably the only company/people/team that can do it. So we are spending the money and have committed the resources to PCGS CoinFacts. Ron Guth, coin expert and author extraordinaire works full time on PCGS CoinFacts. Our modern expert, Jaime Hernandez spends half his time on PCGS CoinFacts. We have a dedicated IT team for PCGS CoinFacts. Project man/collectibles expert Mike Sherman spends a lot of his time on PCGS COinFacts, PCGS President Don Willis devotes some of his time to PCGS CoinFacts. And we have enlisted the help of many of the world’s top rare coin experts…check out the incredible expert list on the PCGS CoinFacts home page. They all think PCGS Coinfacts is great and they want to help us when they can. Finally, I spend about 30% of my working time…about 15 to 20 hours a week…on PCGS CoinFacts. That’s how important I think it is.

So what has this got to do with you and your coins. In all collectibles markets, information is king. The more you know, the more you’ll enjoy your coins…and for the capitalists among you, the more money you’ll make. So check out PCGS CoinFacts. OK, it’s subscription based…but it’s cheap. And we don’t make money on PCGS CoinFacts, but the subscription money makes the costs we have semi-OK. So take a free tour…sign up if you like it. It’s an incredible source of info about coins. I always end the stuff I write with “Have fun with your coins.” And that’s what PCGS CoinFacts is about. It’s a ton of information about coins. For me, working on PCGS Coinfacts is a lot of fun. And for you, I hope taking in all the online info available with PCGS CoinFacts is equally fun!

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