The Biggest Show of the Year

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The annual convention of the American Numismatic Association is always the biggest coin show of the year. Dealers bring out their best coins, most of the major buyers attend (many plan their summer vacations around the ANA show), and there are always huge auctions held in conjunction with the show.

This year the ANA summer show is being held in Boston, August 10 to 14, though there is a “pre-show” August 7 and 8. There will be three auctions…Stack’s, Bowers and Merena, and Heritage held before and during the show. The show auction is the Heritage auction and it is huge. Both the B&M and Stack’s auctions have some great coins. I estimate that over $50 million worth of coins will be sold at the three auctions and another $50 million worth of coins will trade hands on the floor of the coin show. It is going to be a monstrous event.

It will also be a bell weather event for the rare coin market as the prices and trends at this show will be very indicative of the current state of the coin market. Early indications are that the show will be very active and most dealers I have talked to are pretty pumped up about this year’s show.

I’ll be at show and I’ll attend all three auctions. I’ll blog for you from the show and of course we’ll incorporate the prices we see into the PCGS Price Guide. There will also be new info presented for PCGS CoinFacts, such as new Condition Census info and narratives from experts at the show. It is going to be a great ten days for rare coins and all of us who love them.

If you are going to the show you’re in for a treat. You’ll see all the major dealers and many coins you cannot see anywhere else. Stop by the PCGS table and say “Hi!”

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