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We are all collectors at heart. It gives me great pleasure to sit back, unwind, and enjoy my coins! Often on a Saturday morning I will spend a couple hours going through one of my collections, studying my coins and learning more about them. For security reasons, most of us keep our collections in a safety deposit box, however, I can enjoy my coins while in a comfortable chair with my laptop using the PCGS Registry and My CoinFacts! The My CoinFacts addition to the PCGS Registry is a wonderful improvement that helps me get closer to my coins (the blowup feature is far better than a magnifying glass) while keeping me informed on market activities and other important information. Check out this week’s video for a brief introduction to My CoinFacts.

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  1. John Basye says:

    Can this product be used along with PGCS photo ap be used as a source to grade individual coinbs

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