A New Year!

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We are just back from the FUN show which this year was held in Tampa Bay. The FUN show always marks the beginning of the New Year. As always this year’s show had many dealers setup and was very well attended. There were the requisite exhibits, club meetings, and auctions that are part of every successful show. PCGS received thousands of coins for onsite grading and thousands more for grading back at the office. As far as I could tell most dealers were very busy and the floor had the buzz going virtually non-stop.

What is unique about the FUN show is the tremendous burst of energy that it injects into the coin market. As a dealer I felt it and still see it today from my new vantage point here at PCGS. Even though it is just the turning of the pages on the calendar for some reason the FUN show feels like an entirely new beginning. It’s not just the level of activity, which is very high. There seems to be a new sense of purpose, a renewed sense of enthusiasm, almost a rebirth if you will. Whatever you call it the FUN show is exciting to attend and holds the promise of many exciting new things for the upcoming year.

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