Ask Don: Introduction to the PCGS Population Report

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The biggest news of the past week has been the Saddle Ridge hoard of gold coins discovered in Northern California. One aspect of the market that this exciting discovery has changed is the PCGS population for many San Francisco mint $20 Liberty coins. This week’s Ask Don takes a look at the importance of the PCGS pop report and ways that it can be used. The pop report is a valuable data point that should be part of every buying and selling decision.

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  1. David M Brantner says:

    I bought a roll of Indian Head pennies and I found a 1905 and it is not made of copper or bronze. I have checked it with a magnet and it will not pick up this coin. The coin looks like silver but I can not say it is. it weighs 2 to 3 grams and a regular IH weighs only 2 grams. The coin in in near gem mint condition and I am wondering if a silver Planchet might have been mixed in when it was stamped by the U.S. mint or is it made of something Else other that silver. Dose the mint pre-stamp a coin before it is stamped?


  2. Mindy says:

    It is remotely possible it is an error struck on a silver planchet, but that is highly unlikely. It is probably simply painted silver or dipped in a silver wash. Specific gravity test would likely determine metallic composition.

    – from Mike Sherman, one of our experts at PCGS

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