Ask Don: Lot Preview

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There’s nothing like going to an auction and experiencing the ‘Lot Preview.’ You can learn a tremendous amount about the coins by reviewing them in person and discussing them with the auctioneers. In this week’s video I sit down with Julie Abrams from Legend Rare Coin Auctions to discuss how to get the most from an auction’s Lot Preview. As you will see, this is one of the best ways to learn about coins.

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  1. Larry Hair (ldhair) says:

    Great video Don.

  2. I really appreciate you posting this video, Don.

    I have forwarded it to a few of the budding numismatists that I know of up here in Canada. I’m sure it will be very beneficial.
    It’s important to all of us in the industry, that we encourage and impart any helpful advice that we can to this (unfortunately) very small sector.

    Christina M. Smith

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