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I am contemplating the Pogue collection, which will start selling in May, and the Kendall collection, which sells this week. These are marvelous collections that will be difficult to repeat, let alone improve on. What is common to both is the great length of time they took to build. Both were built slowly, year after year, carefully choosing coins that would complement what was already in place. A great collection cannot be built overnight, no matter how much money you have. But isn’t that what collecting is all about? The many hours that both collectors spent assembling these great collections were the true pleasure of owning these coins.

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  1. Collections are wonderful to evaluate based on the understanding of their theme. I wonder what Kendall and Pogue were looking for when they assembled their collections?

  2. When values are assigned to IHC’s and Lincoln cents, why do the different tones receive different values, R, RB, B? Is there any basis other than attractiveness?

  3. Anthony Massey says:

    The time / energy building a collection, is the biggest investment.

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