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Do you collect U.S. Medals or Tokens? Are you aware that PCGS recognizes many different tokens and medals? Over the past couple years we have added a great many new types of tokens and medals to the list of what we will authenticate and grade. That list numbers in the thousands and crosses the spectrum of many different collecting series. Basically we will recognize any token or medal listed in a number of standard reference guides. For a list of eligible Tokens and Medals we certify, please visit You can also check out this week’s video for more information.

Here is a new and updated list of new U.S. tokens and medals PCGS will now recognize.

  • Period 3 California Pioneer Fractional Gold, from the reference “California Pioneer Fractional Gold 2nd Edition” by Breen & Gillio.
  • So-Called Dollars, from the reference “So-Called Dollars 2nd Edition” by Hibler & Kappen.
  • Civil War Patriotic Tokens, from the reference “Patriotic Civil War Tokens 5th Revised Edition” by George & Melvin Fuld.
  • Civil War Store Cards, from the reference “U.S. Civil War Store Cards 2nd Edition” by George & Melvin Fuld.
  • Hard Times Tokens, from the reference “Hard Times Tokens 6th Edition” by Russell Rulau.
  • Sutler Tokens, from the reference “Civil War Sutler Tokens and Cardboard Scrip” by David E. Schenkman.
  • U.S. Assay Commission Medal, from the reference “Medals of the United States Assay Commission 1860-1977” by R.W. Julian and Ernest E. Keusch.
  • U.S. Mint Medals, from the reference “Medals of the United States Mint, The First Century 1792-1892” by R.W. Julian.
  • U.S. Mint Medals, from the reference “Medals of the United States Mint”, by Kenneth M. Failor & Eleonora Hayden.
  • Betts Medals, from the reference “American Colonial History, Illustrated by Contemporary Medals”, by C. Wyllys Betts.
  • Baker Medals, from the reference “Medallic Portraits of Washington, 2nd Edition”, by Russel Rulau & George Fuld.
  • Bolen Medals, from the reference “The Medallic Work of John Adams Bolen”, by Neil E. Musante.
  • Political Tokens and Medals, from the reference “American Political Badges and Medalets 1789-1892” by Edmund B. Sullivan.
  • Rulau Tokens and Counterstamps, from the reference “Standard Catalog of United States Tokens 1700-1900” by Russell Rulau.
  • Military Tokens, from the reference “Military Tokens of the United States Volume 1 (Domestic Issues)” by Paul A. Cunningham.
  • Commemorative Medals, from the reference “National Commemorative Medals of the United States of America since 1873” by William Swoger.
  • Counterstamped Coinage, from the reference “Merchant and Privately Countermarked Coins” by Gregory G. Brunk.
  • Krause Unusuals listed in the US Section, from the reference “Unusual World Coins, 6th Edition” by Krause Publications
  • Bashlow Restrikes.

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  1. John Cavin says:

    Do you grade 1999 to 2008 state silver rounds from the Highland Mint?

  2. Hi Don,

    I have the unique rare 1793/4 in the copper verified by John Newman a week ago, Earl Howe and the ship with the laurel leaves. The edge inscription “PAYABLE AT SHARP`S PORTSMOUTH AND CALDECOTT`S CHICHESTER and i can make out Sharps

    “A unique Washington Liverpool halfpenny in white metal survives (Baker 17A, Fuld WA.1791.P11), which is considered to be a test sample from trial dies. Interestingly, this coin was made with a different reverse die than was used for the copper examples. It is easily distinguished as it contains laurel rather than oak branches”.

    I can write up more from my email and i can send you photos of this RRR or R8 if you would like to see it.

    The worlds missing double mule,die sunk by Master Thomas Wyon.



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