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Here we are in Boston at the ANA pre-show. Actually there are two pre-shows going on at the same time. We are here in “The Castle” and a couple blocks down the street the other pre-show is being held at the Radisson Hotel. I guess we can chalk up the two shows to the spirit of entrepreneurship as two competing parties try to make a go of it. For the dealers and collectors it’s only a short walk between the two so it’s not too inconvenient. This splintering will end when the ANA begins sponsoring its own pre-show next year.
The mood here is upbeat with the general anticipation of a strong and active ANA show. I’ve spent time at both pre-shows, both of which seem well attended, with a fair amount of trading going on. PCGS has been accepting coins for onsite grading since Thursday afternoon. We will be running through next Saturday with a one day break tomorrow on Sunday. Submissions for onsite grading are currently planned to be cutoff at 5 PM Friday the 13th. It’s a bit of a grind for all the PCGS crew but we know you want us here and we appreciate it.
Speaking of the PCGS crew, most people have no idea of how many PCGS team members it takes to pull off a show like the ANA or all the work that is entailed. Planning starts a year in advance. Dates have to be confirmed, calendars coordinated, hotel accommodations made, then there is the massive amount of equipment and supplies that are required and the logistics it takes to get them to the right spot at the right time. You won’t see all of us as many are working behind the scenes, but there will be 35 PCGS employees here in Boston!
Boston is a great city full of history and many wonderful historic venues. I lived and worked here years ago and still have family here in the city and nearby. One of the things I miss about East Coast summers are the later afternoon thunder storms. My connecting flight from Dallas was delayed on Thursday as Boston experienced a nice storm!

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