Don’s Desk: PCGS Set Registry

Posted on September 10, 2013 by

Nothing beats free and I know of something very useful for all of us collectors…and it’s free. It’s the PCGS Set Registry. Considering only the private side of the Registry – let’s ignore the sharing and competing for now – the Registry is a powerful and helpful tool for every coin collector. I really like the inventory tracking element which keeps track of all my purchases (I can check it anywhere I have Internet access). There is the ‘set’ element that helps me track what I have and what I need in all of my sets. There is the ‘what if’ element which I use to study the price and population of any coin that I am considering, plus I can see how that coin would benefit my set. I confess that most of my activities with the Registry are on the private side. But why not – it’s free!

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