Pogue Family Collection

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Earlier this month there was an announcement that got everyone’s attention – the sale of the famous, yet mysterious, Pogue family collection. This collection of early US federal coins may be the finest collection of its type ever assembled. To learn more about the collection, please view David Hall’s announcement video.

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  1. scott huffman says:

    Can you tell me if all the O mint type on Double Eagles coming up are from the Pogue collection. For the first time all of the dates can be bought through heritage via the auction that heritage is going to have. Internet bidding begins around 7/17. included are the two kings (the 54 and 56 O ). All the type one O mint type one Double Eagles form 1850 to 1861 are there. I have not seen a 57 58 55 or 59 O come up since I started assembling a set of them two years ago. I did find the 57 and 58 O in AU 55 and 53, respectively. If it is not the Pogue collection any idea when all these rare Os came from all at once.


    Scott Huffman

  2. scott huffman says:

    I read David Bowers book on collecting Double Eagles. He gives population reports for all grades as of 2004. My question is are the numbers in his book still accurate and the reported increase in numbers of rare type one O mints a result of resubmissions as opposed to new coins showing up for grading? In other words have several of the 0850 to 1861 O pop increases in reports due to resubmissions or have some raw coins come to grade. I suspect the increase is due primarily to resubmission. Your opinion?

    Scott Huffman

    PCGS member

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