What is Coin Grading? PCGS Explains the Process & its Value to Coin Collectors

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PCGS has been the most trusted grading service for many years. In 1986 PCGS was the first service to offer a lifetime guarantee on every coin we certify. That guarantee provided assurance to collectors and investors alike and resulted in thousands of new faces appearing in the collecting market. Prices have soared as buyer confidence has increased. Many coins are traded “sight seen” but there is even a “sight unseen” market for PCGS certified coins. This would not be possible without the confidence held by many in our grading standards as well as our lifetime guarantee. That is why today PCGS certified coins are the most liquid and most sought-after coins in the market.

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  1. Phil says:

    Issue or concern: I need help with understanding the price data. The table has a lot of big numbers and I am confused as to what the price of a particular coin is. Can you help me? Thank you. Phil

  2. Brad Baum says:

    Hi. This is a suggestion for PCGS. Bring in “DECIMAL POINT GRADING” for mint state coins ONLY which have already been PLUS GRADED. FROM EXAMPLE A MS-66+ PLUS GRADED COIN …IT COULD BE A 66.6 – 66.7 – 66.8 – 66.9 AND PCGS could publish prices for each decimal grade. COLLECTORS WILL LOVE THIS. Recently I bought a PCGS 1931-S buffalo nickel from LARRY SHAPIRO … is it a MS66.9? Big spread here as a 67 is 38,000 – great service idea for 2015.

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