$2.5 Million Ancient Coin Confiscated by N.Y. District Attorney

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At the recent New York International Convention, New York District Attorneys confiscated two Greek Sicilian Ancient coins. The coins were confiscated on January 03, 2012 from the Classical Numismatic Group’s Triton XV Auction sale at the Waldford Astoria Hotel.

One of the coins was lot 1008, an Akragas Silver Dekadrachm, one of only 12 examples known. It is stimated to be worth at least $2.5 million. According to the complaint coins found in Italy after 1909 are automatically owned by the Italian Government. Several other coins from the auction were confiscated including a 4th Century B.C. Silver coin estimated to be worth about $300,000.

Once the auction took place on January 04, 2012 Eric McFadden Senior Director of Classical Numismatic Group’s London Office announced to the floor and internet bidders that the N.Y District Attorney confiscated some coins from the sale.


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  1. Macie Crawford says:

    The bottom left coin looks awfully familiar. How much is it estimated for it to be worth?

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