2010 Proof Set – Has the Lowest Mintage in Over 50 Years

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The 2010-S Proof Set may have the lowest mintage for any regular Proof Set struck since 1959. The latest sales figures from the U.S Mint show the number of sets sold as 1,103,950.  The last time they sold a lower amount of sets was in 1958 when the Mint sold about 875,000.


If the sales hold true, the 2010-S Proof Set will have the lowest mintage in the past  52 years. The 2010-S Proof Set also has a lower mintage than the 1957 Proof Set.

The Mint only sold 2010-S Proof Sets until December 30, 2011 so the odds are that the mintages will not change much. In the meantime,  the 2010-S  Proof Set will definitely be a set that Proof Set collectors will need to keep an eye on.



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