Will You Be Buying the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set?

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Will You Be Buying the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set? To answer click on “Comments above this post.

$1 2011 Silver Eagle SetThe Mint has announced that sometime in late October, they will release a special 2011 American Silver Eagle Set to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Silver Eagle series.

The set will contain five different silver eagles from 2011. 

This includes two special versions that are not usually offered by the U.S. Mint every year.

  1. The new special issue is an Uncirculated Silver Eagle with an S mintmark. (This is the first time the U.S. Mint will place an S mintmark on an Uncirculated Silver Eagle).
  2. The second special issue is a Reverse Proof struck at the Philadelphia Mint. (The last time the Mint struck a Reverse Proof coin was in 2006).
  3. The third coin is a regular bullion Silver Eagle that is issued every year by the U.S. Mint..
  4. The fourth Silver Eagle issued in the set is the regular Proof coin that is also usually offered every year by the U.S. Mint..
  5. Finally, the fifth Silver Eagle in the Set is the Uncirculated Burnished Silver eagle with W mintmark that was introduced in 2006.

The Special 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set has a maximum mintage of 100,000 sets. Because of the relatively low mintage of the set and for the American Silver Eagle series, the Mint has placed a five order per household rule into effect. The Mint has not yet announced the price of the set. There is hardly any doubt that this Special 25th Anniversary Eagle set will be very popular and more than likely, the sets will definitely sell out!

So, will You Be Buying the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set? To answer click on “Commentsabove this post.

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  1. Denis Watson says:

    Yes I will be buying the 25th Anniversary set but only to keep my set complete. I wish the mint would have told us sooner that they were going to do this and I would have waited to by all my silver eagles at one time. I also plan on having the two sets I purchase certified.

  2. Hi Denis,

    Thanks for the comments. Good point, it might have been better for alot of people to wait and order all their coins at once.


  3. paul giroir says:

    I like Denis will order the 25th anniversary set when it comes available. The mint does not have an exact date of release. I will ship to PCGS 2 for 1st strike & 3 for regular strike.
    the “Ragin’ Cajun”

  4. Richard Pedro says:

    hopefully the limit will be more than (1) per household address. The mint could not give an offer date or a limit as of 9-24-11

  5. Hi Paul and Richard,

    As soon as more details are announced on these coins, I will try to update this post.

    thanks, jaime

  6. Alvaro says:

    the mint cancel this set already

  7. Perry Martinelli says:

    The set is on the production schedule as of today. Sale date is 10/27/2011. I hope to get some sets but the odds don’t look good.

  8. Perry Martinelli says:

    Also I called the customer service number to ask about price, it is not set but look for $350-$450 a set unless silver drops drastically.

  9. Denise Johnson says:

    YES, Yes, Yes Yes , and YES !!!!!

  10. keith woods says:

    yup i pre ordered mine today

  11. Denis Watson says:

    Well it took awhile but I finally received my order confirmation via e-mail. The US Mint web site is a total mess. I was one of the first to order around 11:02 but I didn’t get a confirmation until 11:39. My web browser was still clocking after I clicked submit when I received a confirmation in my in box. Here it is 2 and a half hours later and the web site is still timing out. Good luck everybody.

  12. Patrick fournier says:

    After 100 calls,I finally got my order of 4 sets confirmed,looks like a very HOT item,good luck to all,Mint Reps think It will sell out all 100,000 set today

  13. Jaime says:

    Yes, this is definitely a hot item already. There are dealers already paying a $600 premium for 5 set orders.

    If every one ordered the maximum alotted 5 sets per household, that means that there are a possible 20,000 orders avaiailable. Making it very tough for anyone to get any large quantites of these sets.

  14. Yes, have 2 set both slated as “backordered”. Pretty excited, wish I could afford the PGCS costs to have my coins certified, I’d surely have one of these 2 sets done.

  15. Mick says:

    How does one go about getting a set certified by PGCS, what is the cost and how much will it add? Thanks for the help. Did get 5 sets yesterday after a lot of attempts. Should be in 11/11/11.

  16. Jose Quiroz says:

    They are almost doubled already on the second market.. Any one have an idea what a first strike MS69 or MS70 will bring in?

  17. eddie says:

    took 3 and a half hours but ordered 2 sets .I predict the 2 coins will sell on the secondary market for $800 to $1000 each .The reverse proof and the s mint

  18. Jaime says:

    Thanks for all your comments and congratulations to those that were able to order the sets.


  19. Jaime says:

    Hi Mick

    Here are our submittison fees http://www.pcgs.com/gradinglist.html.

    Please also feel free to call us toll free at 1-800-447-8848 and one of our customer service reps will help you out.

    thanks, jaime

  20. Owen says:

    I was able after about 2 hours to get my order submitted on the Mint’s website. Checking order history now it shows my order as being held, and the grid below shows that my order is backordered and expected to ship 11/15/11. Don’t know whether that means my order has been accepted or I’m on the wait list. Assuming I get the coins that I ordered, how will PCGS handle grading for first strike eligibility? Will the reverse proof and S mint marks be eligible for first strike designation? I’m assuming the others won’t since they are the same as coins released earlier this year. Good luck to everyone who ordered. Hope you get your coins in November.

  21. James says:

    I was able to order 5 sets in 5 separate orders. I got my first order in at 12:11 Eastern and my last one in at 1:29! I have now seen a few single sets sell for over$1,000 on eBay. That is ONE set! Crazy!

    I plan to have mine graded. My questions about that are: 1) Will all 5 coins be eligible for First Strike? 2) On the submission form where we list quantity, do we list each coin individaully or do we list 5 for the quantity on one line? 3) Is the actual turn-around time for submissions using the Modern tier 20 – 30 days or do you expect that to be longer given the volume PCGS may experience?


  22. Hi Owen and James,

    We should have more details by tomorrow and what labels we will be offering for these sets. Don Willis is having a meeting today specifically regarding these sets and he will try to give collectors the best options.

    So, please check our website tomorrow or check back on this blog and I will try to post updates as soon as I know about them.

    thanks, jaime

  23. PJ says:

    I could not get through to the mint for the entire 4 1/2 hours. I have been looking in secondary market and the best price so far is $699.95 with free shipping at esncoinnetwork.com

  24. Jaime says:


    here are the PCGS #’s for all 5 coins http://www.pcgs.com/pcgsnolookup/Detail.aspx?c=939.

    Yes, each coin should be in its own line since each one will have a unique coin #.

    We will try really hard to meet the turn around times and expect that we will, just dont hold my word to it.

    Hope this was helpful.


  25. Owen says:

    My 25th anniversary coins arrived this morning, and I’ve got them packaged to send in for grading as soon as the Post Office re-opens after the Veterans Day holiday. I think the instructions and grid of numbers that PCGS posted were very clear and helpful. It will be interesting to watch the population numbers for these coins over the next several weeks.

  26. Owen,

    Congratulations on getting your set!

    You are one of the fortunate ones and its a great compliment that you chose to send your coins to us. We really appreciate that and thanks for the feedback on the instructions on submitting the sets.

    Yes, the population #’s will definitely be very interesting to watch, maybe we should have them update like the stock market does. 🙂

    best wishes, jaime

  27. Richard Eckert says:

    My 5 sets arrived Tuesday. The box had a definate rattle which told me the coins had come loose from their mountings! The whole box was re-boxed and shipped out to PCGS.
    I only pray that the damage is minimal.
    The mint box had to be unopened to have the “25th. anniversary” grading, I could not examine the coins before shipping them.
    You’d think that $1500 worth of coins would be properly packaged by the mint to reach their destination without falling apart. NOT!

  28. Richard N. says:

    My 5 sets are at PCGS right this moment, waiting in line to get 4 sets graded in “ALLl 70’s ALL THE TIME STYLE” LOL!!! Also 1 set is going for the first Strikes Upgaded style of slabbing These coins are way too nice to send to NGC for econommoomic FIRST RELEASE SLABBING… PCGS did me good on both of my 20 th Anniversary sets…….THANK YOU!!!

  29. Owen says:

    My PCGS graded 25th anniversary sets arrived in the mail this afternoon. Great turnaround time by PCGS – thanks! This was the first time I was able to see them, since I shipped them to be graded in the unopened Mint box. Spectacular!!! The reverse proof is an amazing coin. I have a great product idea for PCGS – only a small royalty requested – how about designing Christmas tree ornaments that will hold PCGS graded/slabbed coins? A few sparkling American Eagles and Commemoratives hanging from the tree would be breathtaking, don’t you think? Have a great holiday season, everyone!

  30. William Annitto says:

    Yes i am buying the set.I,too,would have
    liked to buy all at once;but I am really
    learining “on the fly”.In fact I would like to
    sell some of moe costly coins but can’t
    seem to get answers as to how one does that!
    It is much easier to buy a coin!

  31. Glenn says:

    I am interested in the coins but just learning about. So how do I learn m ore about and how much they are?

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