Coin Replicas Banned from EBay

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On January 19, 2012 Ebay announced that effective February 20, 2012 it will no longer allow replica coins to be listed on their site. This includes replicas or fake coins with the word copy on them.

According to Ebay this new rule is being implemented thanks to buyers and sellers request to eliminate fake coins and replicas from Ebay. Fake coins or replicas already listed on Ebay before February 20, will be allowed to remain on the site until the listing ends. However, fake coins or replicas cannot be listed after February 20, 2012.

One of the problems with Ebay listings for replicas or fake coins was that the images in the auction often times showed the word “COPY” on the coin. However, once the buyer received the replica or fake coin, the word “COPY” was no where on the actual item.

Overall, this was a great move by Ebay as these fake coins eventually make it into the marketplace. Many times collectors can get deceived thinking their buying an authentic item, when infact the item they just bought was a fake.

As of January 26, 2012 Ebay had a total of 6,001 ended listings under coins, with the word “COPY.” It had 5,269 ended listings under Coins with the word “REPLICA.” Finally, it also had 211 ended listings with coins described as being Counterfeit.




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