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Imagine going to a really nice restaurant – for our purposes, let’s call this eatery Joe’s Restaurant – and the menu only offers one item.

The menu shows a steak that looks dry and it’s made well-done only, they use one specific spice and offer you one side dish. Most of you would probably walk out of Joe’s Restaurant and find some other place to eat, or if you are in a hurry, you might just try the plain steak and side dish, eat it and be done. But more than likely, you won’t enjoy it and probably will never return to Joe’s again.

On the other hand, imagine going to a place called Fabio’s Restaurant where you are offered dozens of different meats to choose from like filet mignon, tenderloin, porterhouse, T-bone, rib eye, and more. To top it off, they have dozens of different spices for each meat and they offer it cooked several different ways: medium, medium rare, rare – you name it! For those who are on a diet or who are vegetarians, they also have many salads, fruits, vegetables, dozens of different salsas, sides, drinks, and desserts. And they all look delicious!

Luckily for collectors, the coin market is very similar to Fabio’s Restaurant, which has all the different meats, spices and side dishes. Coin collectors can choose from an array of meats, sides and spices.

In coins, you can select from different countries, denominations, designs, metal contents, years, mint marks and even varieties and die varieties.

  • Collectors on a financial diet can chose from inexpensive coins.Coin vegetarians can collect only graded coins.
  • Tourist can collect coins from different countries.
  • Collectors who like hot and spicy coins can collect bullion.
  • Collectors who like to supersize their meals can collect supersized Morgan Silver Dollar (or those who like the triple size meals can go for the 5 ounce coins)!

There are no holds barred when it comes to collecting coins. No matter what the collector is looking for, our restaurant, which we will call The Coin Market for the purposes of this article, has it all.

It’s no wonder that The Coin Market has happy returning customers every year!

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  1. Samuel Donovan says:

    The more you learn about coin collecting the more you go from wanting one of everything to wanting just what you need.

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