Image of PCGS Graded 5 oz Quarter (Image of Actual Coin)

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(Thanks to Eric Wisniewski for submitting what I believe were the first coins for imaging and grading).

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  1. T. L. Shuck says:

    Only the Hot Springs. The others are to me somewhat
    childlike, simplistic (but in some cases too busy), with no clear
    interest point. And why are these produced as ‘quarters’, when
    they’re clearly not?

  2. Yes, the coins look like medals in hand and I liked the finish on the Hot Sprigs the best.

    So far the quality for the coins are MS64 – MS67 grade range.

  3. T. J. Stanley says:

    I think these will be very popular and it will interesting to see where the prices of PCGS graded 5 Oz. quarters settle in at once the collecting public has their hands on them. I still wonder if PCGS will have a 20 count box to store the graded coins in ?? If so that will be a Very Big Box !!!

  4. Hi T.J.,

    I beleive there is a PCGS set going for over $3,000. Based on the looks of it, the coins are going to be very difficult to grade MS69 or 70.

    The coins we have seen range from MS64 – MS67 grades so far. Were definitely hoping to see an MS70.

    Right now, we dont’ have plans to make boxes for the 5 oz coins as the coins are to large. If more collectors think its something we should do, we will definitely consider it.


  5. Mat says:

    Is PCGS offering First Strike label for this after the difficulty the mint and the distributor had with the coins. The will be a cut-off date??If yes when

  6. COINB0Y says:

    I am writing up a submission but I am stumped on the PCGS Number assigned:

    505104 & 504969 for Mt Hood, what is the difference?


  7. Jaime says:

    Hi Mat,

    I beleive all coins qualify to receive the First Strike designation since all coins were released to the Authorized Dealers at the same time.

  8. Jaime says:

    These are the PCGS Coin #’s for the 5 oz. Quarters.

    MS Hot Springs Coin # 504965
    MS Yellowstone Coin # 504966
    MS Yosemite Coin # 504967
    MS Grand Canyon Coin # 504968
    MS Mount Hood Coin # 504969

    MS First Strike Hot Springs Coin # 505105
    MS First Strike Yellowstone Coin # 505106
    MS First Strike Yosemite Coin # 505107
    MS First Strike Grand Canyon Coin # 505108
    MS First Strike Mount Hood Coin # 505109

  9. gyromac says:

    About 2 weeks ago I sent my set to a very highly respected PCGS authorized submitter, I have yet to hear anything about the grades. I was recently told that my set could have been the first set through PCGS’s grading room. I was just wondering if you can confirm that the 65 Grand Canyon shown above is from the first set submitted for grading to PCGS?

    Thank You

  10. Very cool! A couple of questions:

    1.) What is the grading fee for the new holders? Do I have to submit under ‘regular’ service?

    2.) Can the holder also fit other 5 oz. coins, such as 5 oz. Silver Pandas?

  11. Hi Christopher,

    Our submitting fees and instructions for these coins may change, so I prefer you send an email to PCGS Customer Service as I will probably not update this blog if the procedures change for these coins.

    You can send an email to [email protected] or call us at 1-800-447-8848.

    Sorry if I wasnt much help.


  12. Tom Fleig says:

    I noticed “NP” on most of the coins and one had “NF” What do these letters mean?

  13. Gerald R. Lampton says:

    I believe:

    “NP” = “National Park
    “NF” = “National Forest

  14. You are correct gerald,

    I missed it as it is an old post.o Thanks for catching it and for replying.


  15. pam says:

    price for mint 2007 pidaho quarter

  16. pam says:

    thanks im new at this coin collecting so its hard to recognize errors doubling on 1984 penny double earlobe can it be the whole lobe or just tip at end

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