Donald Trump Accepting Gold Bullion as Money

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APMEX Gives Gold to Donald Trump for Lease DepositDonald Trump recently leased an entire story in the Trump Building located in New York City.

At one time, The Trump Building was the tallest builing in the world. Trump leased the 50th floor to AMPEX, one of the worlds largest precious metals company.

APMEX used three 1-Kilo .9999 pure 24kt gold bars to secure the  10 year lease contract. Thats about a $175,000. deposit based on todays’ price of gold.Trump Building1



Trump provided a stetement indicating the following, “The legacy of Gold as a precious commodity has transcended to become a viable currency and an accepted universal monetary standard. Central Banks around the world are holding Gold as a reserve asset. It is also a terrific, potentially lucrative diversifier in a portfolio, especially with such volatility in the stock market.”

The Trump Building is 72 stories high and is located in 40 Wall Street which is in the center of New York City. (The Trump Building is imaged on the right of this page – It’s the tallest building with a light blue triangular roof).

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