How to Determine a Value for Unique Coins?

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Most of us have heard the breaking news of the unique 1943-D PCGS MS64 Brown Copper Cent selling for a record 1.7 million dollars.

So the question is how did they determine the value of the coin? Simple… the seller of the coin loved the coin so much, that he was only willing to let it go for 1.7 million dollars and not a pennny less!  

1c 1943-D-PCGS-MS64BN So, this brings up another point. There are other unique coins out there which have not broken the million dollar price tag, yet. Does this mean that all other unique coins are also worth a million dollars or more?

For example, there is only one known 1974 Aluminum cent in public hands, one 1976 No S Dollar known, several other patterns that are also unique. Since the 1943-D Copper Lincoln cent is considered an error, there are many error coins that are also unique.

There are also other coins where there are only a few known, such as the 1958 Doubled Die Lincoln cents, with two or three known, What are those worth?

 On the other hand, there are also other coins like Proof Gold Dollars with mintages of 25 that can be purchased for under $5,000 each.

 One thing is for certain, the 1943 copper cents have always been significant coins throughout American History. The same is true for other coins like the 1913 Liberty nickels, they are not unique by any means, as there are 5 known, but yet, the coins bring several million dollars each, which is much more than the unique 1943-D Copper Cent.

 When it comes to unique coins, every coin is different. Some coins with only one known, may bring a much lower price than coins with multiple examples known, and vice versa.

 There is no question that the 1943-D is a very special and unique coin. And it will definitely be very interesting to see what prices for unique coins, do from now on.

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  1. Ron Stubbs says:

    Do you have experience with a coin that would have been minted or backed by the United States but, minted for another country?

    I have a coin that has stamped Republica Arentina Libertao, with right facial image of prince or leader. On the reverse stamped United States of America 2 1/2 D, with eagle and shield carrying arrows and a branch in it’s claws. Would there be any special value to a Coin Collector?

  2. ahmed zuhair says:

    Hello Mr ;
    I want to ask about some old coin for unitet states of amarica . i get it when i was in canada . its 4 copper
    coin (penney). its old somewhat and this is the version dates
    1966 . 1970 . 1975 . 1984

    this is it .

    i wish to ansawer me

  3. Hi Ron,

    Feel free to send me an image or post it here. Someone from our World Coin Department should be ableto recognize it.

    [email protected]


  4. ahmed zuhair says:

    hi guys ,
    about this coin i will give any body some image for coins .
    and its very well and clean . its 4 Brown Copper Cent
    (1966 – 1970 – 1975 – 1984 )

    its for sale for the batter price .

    For any Question
    contact us +966544539924

    E.mail : [email protected]

  5. I have a copper penny that is a misprint. No date, FDR’s profile imprinted on back, Liberty is also backwards. There is a date under FDR’s pic-1971. Looks to be flattened on front-no imprint. One of a kind, or joke?

  6. How about the 1967 Lincoln RB MS67 pop 1? I have the one and only coin graded by PCGS and never been paid attention by collector.

  7. jeffrey bishop says:

    i have a 1947 D lincoln cent that is half steel or zinc (not sure which) and half copper. it looks like it was the first one that was made and the machine still had a little zinc or steel in it when it shot out the first coin making it half and half. i know about other coins like this, ive heard of a quarter that was like this. i would appreciate any information that i could get.

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