If You Can Have Any Job in Numismatics, What Job Would It Be?

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This is a hypothetical question. So hypothetically, the pay is the same, say $150,000 a year (plus benefits) for every job. And hypothetically, you do not have to relocate for the job or travel if you don’t want too.

  • Is it the United States Mint Director, where you get to make important decisions on American coinage and even propose new coins?
Richard Peterson Director of U.S. Mint

Richard Peterson Director of U.S. Mint

  • A Coin Dealer with his own T.V coin show that’s watched by tens of thousands of T.V. viewers from the comfort of their own living room.


  • The President or CEO of any major coin auction house where you get to handle and sell some of the rarest and most expensive coins in the world?


  • President of Littleton Coin Company where you sell coins to tens of thousands of collectors around the world.


  • Or do you prefer to be a Coin Dealer who sells fewer coins but only sells high end and rare coins worth tens of thousands to over a million dollars each.


  • Editor of Coin World or Numismatic News where you get to keep up and research the latest coin news.


  • The ANA President who looks for better ways to educate tens of thousands of coin collectors and to promote coin collecting.


  • A PCGS Grader where you get to look at tens of thousands of coins a month?


  • The PCGS President where you get to travel to the largest coin shows in the world and meet  the largest coin dealers and most prominent coin collectors in the world (and much more).


  • A famous Numismatic Book Writer where you get paid to research coin information and tens of thousands of collectors get to read your write ups?

It can be any job, even ones that I did not mention here. You can be specific and mention names as long as it is a job in the coin market.

 So what job would you choose?

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  1. James says:

    I think it would be interesting to be a coin designer for the U.S. Mint. Or even better, the Canadian, Australian, or British mints! they put out some beautiful coins and a designer may have more “freedom” with their coin designs at one of those mints

  2. Hi james,

    Those are definitely some great positions. There are definitely some World Mints that produce some very neat coins. Imagine being able to design the new largest gold coin weighing 1 tonne that was recently produced by the Perth Mint!

    thanks again, jaime

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