Mint Sells 1 Million Ounces of Gold in 2011

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The Mint managed to sell 65,500 ounces of gold in December of 2011.

For the whole year U.S. Mint customer managed to buy exactly 1 million ounces of gold eagles. The majority of the gold eagle coins sold were the 1 ounce coins, as the Mint sold 910,000 of them. The remanider of the coins were half ounce, quarter ounce and tenth ounce gold eagles.

The second most popular gold eagles were the tenth ounce reaching 370,000 in sales. Third most popular were the quarter ounce coins reaching 82,000. And the least popular was the half ounce coin with sales reaching 65,000.

The best year for Gold Eagle Bullion Sales was in 1999 when the Mint sold over 2 million.


Here are the Top Ten Years of Bullion Gold Eagle Sales for the U.S. Mint

1999 2,055,500

1998 1,839,500

1986 1,787,750

2009 1,425,000

1987 1,253,000

2010 1,220,500

2011 1,000,000

2008 860,500

1997 771,250

1988 560,000


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