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Many of you already receive the PCGS Newsletter also known as the PCGS eZine.

In every issue, we randomly give away a coin to one of our subscribers. And in every newsletter we also have a survey at the bottom of the newsletter. In this issue, we will give out a PCGS-encapsulated 1854 Large Cent to the best Survey question submitted to us so that we can use in the next PCGS eZine.

All you need to do is submit a coin-related survey question for us to post in the next eZine. Anyone can submit a suggestion for our survey; it just has to be a question that requires a “Yes” or “No” answer. Example – Do you own one or more PCGS-graded coins? Our subscribers would then answer “Yes” or “No.”

Submit your suggestion here on the PCGS Blog  (under “COMMENTS” above this page).

If we use your survey suggestion for the next eZine, we will send you a FREE PCGS-encapsulated 1834 Large Cent. (Any other survey suggestions we use will be subsequently credited to the people who submitted them.)

1c 1854

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  1. Don Rex says:

    Do you think the number of MS grades should be reduced so that it is easier to distinguish between the grades?

  2. Jim B. says:

    Do you find that you only send in better coins for grading, encapsulation and keep less valuable raw coins instead of sending them in for authentication even though they would command a high price then a raw or unauthenticated coin?

  3. Robin Borum says:

    Survey question – Are you currently collecting to build a resistry set?

  4. Louis Golino says:

    Do you think PCGS should designate 2011 silver eagles that were struck in San Francisco, as NGC has just announced it will?

  5. Gary F. says:

    Do you think classic commemorative half dollars are undervalued?

  6. John Bryan says:

    Should the U.S. Mint sell their bullion directly to the collector/investor, rather than through the A.P. network?

  7. Brian J. Proulx says:

    Would you like to see coin magazines like Coin World and Numismatic News use up and down arrows in the coin value sections so you can see if the value in your coins go up or down each month?

  8. christopher thomas says:

    survey: should the US return to the gold standard?

  9. Jaime says:

    Michael – Yes (Feel free to email me with any ideas [email protected])
    Greg – No
    Ferdya – Yes
    Don – No
    Jim – No
    Robin – Yes
    Louis – Yes
    Gary – Yes
    John – No
    Brian – No

    Thanks for all the sugestions so far.

    Keep submitting them as we still have another week until we choose the best suggestion.


  10. Ger H says:

    Your original question was “Do you think Lincoln cents are more popular among collectors than Morgan Dollars?” If the question is changed to “Do you think Lincoln cents are more popular among PCGS collectors than Morgan Dollars?” I think you will get a completely different set of answers because of the cost of the PCGS holder.

  11. Ger H says:

    I’m surprised that the “gift” coin is ungraded! We want to see the grade!

  12. Bob Wilson says:

    Do you think strike should be included as part of the grade description for circulated coins?

  13. Dennis says:

    Greeetings Jaime.

    My question is “Do you consider Chinese-made counterfeit U.S. coins to be a serious threat to the U.S. coin market?”

  14. George M. says:

    Hi Jaime, here is my contest question.

    Do you believe that underneath the 1825 dated Half Eagle gold coin that the underlying number is in fact the number 4? ( I chose this question due to the fact the the Red Book lists this as an 1825/1 overdate). Thank you and i hope that this is valid question that you can possibly use.

  15. Jaime says:

    Ger – It looks like Lincoln Cents and Morgan Dollars are very close in popularity. (Based on last weeks survey)

    Ger – The 1854 Large Cent condition is about VF.

    George – Yes, (I can see a complete 4 digit underneath the 5)

  16. Jaime says:

    Bob – Sorry I missed yours.

    Do you think strike should be included as part of the grade description for circulated coins?

    Yes (I’ve always thought, the more information the better)

  17. Anthony Esplin says:

    2 Possible Survey Questions:

    1) It costs the mint about 1.67c to produce a cent. Given this fact and its limited purchasing power, should the Mint stop producing cents?

    2) Lincoln collectors: Do you own all three of the “Triple Crown” Lincoln Keys: 1909S VDB, 1922 No D, and 1955 double die?

  18. chaim says:

    would you trade the same worth of Lincoln pennies for Morgan dollars?

  19. Jerry Mlnarik says:

    Survey: Is the value of your coin collection more than 10% of your total net worth?

  20. Frank W. says:

    Question: Do you think the U.S. Mint unecessairily releases too many specialty coins thereby diluting the commerative category of collectable coins?

  21. Bob says:

    Would you like to see the Mint issue a 5 year set in some circulating denomination based on historical designs, one design per year? For example, dimes could be done with Draped Bust, Capped Bust, Seated, Barber, and Mercury.

  22. Michael says:

    Do you collect coins other than U.S. coins?

  23. Jaime says:

    Really good surveys so far.

    Anthony – 1. Yes, 2. No

    Chaim – No

    Jerry – Yes ( I think its just about 10% exactly, so good survey question)

    Michael – Yes (really good survey question too)

    Thanks for all the great suggestions so far.

    We will choose a winner on Friday of this week and announce the winner on Monday June 20, 2011 by 5:00 p.m.

    There are still several days remaining for those of you who haven’t submitted a suggestion. Remember the best survey suggestion will receive a FREE PCGS encapsulated Large Cent in a special PCGS holder.

    Thanks for all who have submitted their suggestions to us so far. I can tell already, its going to be very tough to choose the best one, as many of them are really good so far!

  24. Steve C. says:

    Will gold reach 2,000 an ounce by the end of the year.

  25. Jaime says:

    Steve – Yes (my opinion only, please do not buy or sell based on my response). 🙂

  26. Wendy says:

    Survey question:

    Do you participate in PCGS’s Set Registry?

  27. Thanks again everyone for submitting your suggestions.

    We chose a winner and this is the survey question we will use in tomorrows PCGS eZine newsletter.

    Do you ever check through your circulated coins before a purchase?

    Congratulations Chris H. for submitting the winning survey. Please send us your information so we can send you your PCGS 1854 Large Cent.

    Thanks again to all.


  28. Do you own one or more “Third Party Graded” 3c Nickel(s)?

  29. Frank Malek says:

    Is it time to change the the obverse on the roosevelt Dime ?

  30. Mike Maklary says:

    Concerning coins that have been improperly cleaned would applying a graded range be beneficial to the collector?

  31. lunaticg says:

    Do you think newly minted Silver coin should come in capsule?

  32. Nick Nichols says:

    Do you buy graded coins?
    Do you have family members who collect coins?
    Do you check your pocket change for valuable coins?
    Will you buy a graded coin this year?
    Do you plan to sell a coin from your collection this year?
    Do you buy coins online?
    Do you participate in coin auctions?
    Do you attend coin conventions?
    Do you collect foreign coins?

  33. Joseph Zack says:

    Do you think that the United Nations will make a move toward a one world currency?

  34. Tim Breslin says:

    When I began collecting as a child of 10 or 12 years old, I began with pennies like most of my fellow collectors. What coin denomination do you think new collectors begin with now?

  35. Does anything less than 6 pristine steps have value for the nickel?

  36. lesley hitt says:

    I could not submit w/o email in both tabs
    add: 209 w Robertson, Ridgecrest, CA 93555

    I started collecting using the ‘coin albums’ that are on the market. Out of the more than 50 books n denominations from pennies to dollars I have only filled about 10. I got my brother turned on to collecting too, but he couldn’t stand having empty books so he purchased many of his coins through shops and conventions which is great if you can afford it. I told him I think it’s more fun when you ‘happen’ upon that missing coin. Either way..we have a great time looking

    Are coin collecting albums a good way to collect coins?

    Should coins be cleaned?

  37. edward gray says:

    Do you believe that dimes are going to be some of the next big gainers. Every time the mint has made a major change to one of the coin designs i.e. quarters,pennies etc.

  38. richard nehring says:

    what is the oldest coin in your collection??
    Which coin in your collection is your favorite??and why?

  39. KETAL says:

    Do you think they should start honoring Ronald Reagan on US coinage by replacing either Kennedy or Roosevelt?

  40. Will the government ever allow copper cents to be melted? It seems ironic that we can melt silver and gold, but not copper?

  41. Billy J. Johnson says:

    Wouldn’t it be fun to go to one of the PCGS shows and try your hand at grading 5 to 10 random coins and put them to the test with one of the PCGS pro’s? A blind grading competition, and whoever gets the closest to the PCGS PRO w/o the pro grader knowing who’s coins were who’s maybe wins a gift certificate or something creative they come up with.

  42. Brant Durrett says:

    With the growing acceptance of Bitcoins and the potential cost efficiencies of its use and distribution by a governmental entity, do you think traditional coin collecting will diminish as stamps have diminished in light of e-mail use?

  43. Amity Robinette says:

    AN updated reference web page with links to sites, grading, selling, buying and do’s and don’t s of coin collecting for Newbies would have been amazing

  44. Amity Robinette says:

    As a “Beginner” in collecting coins I have built quite a collection that it seems a little overwhelming at times and I am constantly comparing auction sites, eBay etc. for latest pricing and hottest coins, my question is can you offer a quick “guideline” or help steer me in the right direction

  45. Dennis Harper says:

    Should PCGS confirm a questioned coin as being a suspected counterfeit is indeed a fake?
    The holder would clearly indicate it. This is a way for collectors and dealers to be more certain about suspected counterfeits. It’s an educational tool the same way true coins are better graded in hand. It can be modest cost option as opposed to returning it body bagged.

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