Should the U.S. Produce Colorized Coins like World Mints?

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Some World Mints (outside the U.S.) produce colorized coins or coins with colored ornaments and even with 3D designs.  I have to admit, I actually like some of the coins, like the 2010 Canadian Snowflake coins imaged here. There are many other colorized coins produced or made and are usually sold for a light premium.

 Should the U.S. Mint Produce Colorized Coins like other World Mints? To answer click on COMMENTS  above this post.

1c 2010 Canada

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  1. Gerald R. Lampton says:

    Should the U.S. produce colorized coins?

    For the record, I also question the point of the present silver proof set, in an era when most current U.S. coins have no silver antecedent.

    As an alternative, I would like the mint to produce a “Historic Denominations Silver Proof Set,” containing a large cent, two cent, silver 3 cent, half dime, dime, quarter dollar, half dollar and silver dollar, all in the composition and weight of these coins during their heydays. They could also add gold dollar, quarter eagle, half eagle, eagle, and double eagle coins for those who have the money and want modern representations of these coins (as opposed to the crappy bullion coins we have now).

    They should make the designs emblematic of “Liberty,” but have them change every year and allow modern artists to design the representations of liberty (and NOT use past designs, which are overused, or the awful design on the reverse of the presidential dollar, a series that, in my opinion, is hideous and should be abolished).

    Any suggestions on how to get this proposal to those members of Congress best positioned to make it a reality?

  2. Jessica says:

    Oh my gosh! I love those Canadian snow flake coins. If the numbers look good from other countries then maybe a trial run or just do that with commemorative.

    Just as long as it doesn’t look like those tacky colorized coins put out by other companies who I won’t mention.

  3. Hi Gerald,

    All good points and I would love to see a current Proof Set containing a Large Cent, Two Cent and many other denominations that are not being produced anymore.

    Besides contacting Congress, you may also try contacting the Director of the U.S. Mint.

    Thanks for posting your comments.


  4. Hi Jessica,

    Initially I never really liked any coins which had any bright colors or ornaments on them. However, after seeing the Candian Snow Flakes, I hve to admit, I really liked them.

    I beleive down the line the Mint will produce colorized coins, as it usually tends to follow in the footsteps of what other World Mints are doing.


  5. David F. Jackson says:

    I really like the colorized coins other countires put out but if the quality of our regular coinage is so bad could the US Mint produce a high quality, eye friendly colorized coin? I serously doubt it so why bother. Also, with the Mints current prcing structure they would likely be overpriced and be a better buy on the secondary market rather than paying full price to the Mint.

  6. Jon says:

    No! Colorized coins look cheezy, and adding bells and whistles to coins look pretty hoaky. Adding rhinestones to coins just looks like pop culture “bling.”

  7. Peter Stark says:

    No. I avoid these colorized coins like the plague — as Jon says, cheesy…hoaky. Canada produces far too many collector coins anyway. Our friends to the North should dial it back a bit.

  8. bman says:

    Please NO……no new products from the mint for a while.

    the mint has already alienated a lot of collectors by producing all of these territory and park quarters different Lincoln cents and presidential dollars, They made a killing on the Statehood quarters and now they are pushing so many products that most collectors can’t or won’t. It’s all a matter of Greed.

  9. Classic coins says:

    The U.S. Mint should not produce colorized coins or any other sort of kitsch coins.

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