Tragedy in the Coin Market

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Coin Dealer Steve Halfon - Murdered by Thieves

Coin Dealer Steve Halfon - Murdered by Thieves

Last week 61 year old Steve Halfon owner of Liberty Coin Co. in Gravesend was horrifically murdered. A group of three men ambushed him right after he closed his coin shop at approximately 5:30 p.m. Halfon was forced into the thieves’ car and then beaten severely. Shortly after, Halfon’s body was discovered by a motorist on East 7th Street in Midwood. Halfon was taken to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

This is undoubtedly a horrific thing to experience, even imagining it is horrifying. Our condolences go out to his family, as this truly, is a terrible tragedy to have to go through. This should also be a reminder for all of us who are involved in the coin business or involved with any valuables. We should always try to remember that there are bad and dangerous individuals out there.  These individuals are willing to do just about anything, when it comes to money or valuables.

In some cases, possibly nothing can be done to prevent a robbery, especially if the thieves have it all planned out, as appears to be the case here. But it’s a good time to stop and think to yourselves, what can you do, to make it safer for you when dealing with coins or valuables?

If you’re a dealer at a shop, maybe you can set a schedule with local police officers to make their rounds when you leave your store. If it isn’t possible, talk to local store owners and try to set a time when you can all leave together. If you’re a collector attending shows, maybe arrange before and with a group of collectors to meet at a certain place and all go to the show together.

Whatever it is, just think of any way that you can make it safer for you when dealing with coins or any valuables. Coin collecting is usually safe and fun but sometimes it can also attract the wrong individuals. So, collectors and especially coin dealers, remember to always try to be as cautious as possible when dealing with coins.

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  1. Billy says:

    Steve was just the greatest guy you could imagine. Honest and kind HE was the man you wanted to sell a few coins or an entire collection to. in todays world of greed & selfishness Steve made this a better world. I know this for a fact because Steve was a personal friend of mine for over 30 years and he would not harm a fly…In fact, and I am not kidding here, if a fly was injured on the ground Steve was the kind of man who would try to help it. I truly feel deep in my heart that Steve was set-up by a gold/coin-buying competitor who wanted to “eliminate the competition”. Steve was a like a big brother to me. I am deeply saddened and I may never get over this immense loss. Rest in peace old friend, rest in peace.

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