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The collectibles hobby is definitely huge and for every year that goes by, more and more people begin collecting coins or just about anything else.

I really enjoy collecting coins myself, but I also like to collect other things. For instance, I collect some currency, stamps but to a much lesser degree. I use to collect old comic books, classic cars, antique furniture and other random items.

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Besides coins, I know there are many other things other people collect out there. For instance, my 10 year old son collects Legos, my 8 year old son collects cards, my 6 year old daughter collects rocks and my three year old, well, he collects just about anything that fits in his pockets.

 I know others who collect paintings, rugs, firearms, bicycles and the list goes on and on.

 So, what other things do you collect besides coins? We would love to hear what else you collect.  To answer, click on the Comments link above this post. 

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  1. Mat says:

    Aside from coins I collect comic books, autographs, fossils, & vintage video games.

  2. Hi Mat,

    Thanks for your comments. I almost forgot about the world of vintage video games. One of my favorite all time games growing up, was none other than Pac-Man!


  3. Mat says:

    My first game system was the atari 2600 along with pack-man, pit-fall and many more. Simpler & fun times.

    Really cant get into todays realistic 3-D gaming. I still play all my old systems and buy games I missed out on when growing up cheaply on ebay or garage sales.

  4. Mike says:

    Staying true to my main hobby, coins, I branched out from there and I enjoy collecting mechanical banks and old adding machines/cash registers.

    I also enjoy collecting local history of the small town I live in.

  5. Jon says:

    Here’s one that you probably do not see very often: rare seashells. My shell collecting is nowhere near as advanced as my coin collecting, but I have spent upwards to $200 on an example of Conus exelcius. During my childhood, the “glory of the sea cone,” Conus gloriamaris, was considered a thousand dollar rarity from exotic Indonesia and the Philippines. With improved diving techniques, examples today are more common, and I have purchased on eBay for less than $100 two examples, one directly from a vendor in the Philippines. Strangely enough, other examples once common are becoming rarer due to climate problems. (And no, responsible collecting does not contribute significantly to depopulating.) The most collectible shells are various Conus, Cypraea, and Murex species.

  6. Jaime says:

    Hi Mike,

    Yes, I have seen the old cash register machines and I think they are very cool to collect. Imagine, many years ago those were in many retail stores all around the country.

    Thanks for sharing.


  7. Jaime says:

    Hi Jon,

    I have heard of collecting sea shells, my daughter actually collects them. But, I never knew they were worth a premium.

    Thanks for sharing.


  8. Mr Melon says:

    When I was a kid I collected coins but it wasn’t until I got sniped on a record auction on ebay that I started collecting coins again. Out of bitterness I started browsing through the snipers feedback and it seemed as though this person had unlimited funds to purchase all sorts of collectibles many of which were coins. That reminded me of a hobby I really loved as a kid so I got back into it. Nowadays I’m spending more time on coins than on vinyl but I love them both. As far as vinyl records go I had a goal of trying to get my hands on any 70’s – 90’s punk compilation I could but I’ve now scaled back my efforts and more or less collect albums from artists I really enjoy as opposed to trying to just seek out the “rare stuff.”

    There’s nothing better than laying down a slab of wax on the turntable and then sitting back and ogling one’s coins; other than doing it with a nice cold beer in your hand which is another hobby as well.

    Cheers for a nice little read.

  9. Paul says:

    In my world of collecting, I’ve found a very close relationship between gun collectors, old car collectors, and coin collectors!

  10. james wolfe says:

    none really just coins

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