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Monroe Dress sold at auction for $5.4 MillionThere are millions of collectors out there in the world. Some collect paintings, antiques, cars, currency, cards, stamps comic books, lamps, statues, cans, bottles and I can go on and on. And then there is the wonderful coin market.

In a sense, all these other collectibles markets can be a great benefit to the coin market as it gives collectors the confidence that there is a real market for collectibles and including coins. What kind of confidence? Well, some of the following examples are just glimpse of what other collectibles markets are doing. If you think coin prices are high, some of the other collectibles prices will blow you away!

For instance, in July of 2011 a Marilyn Monroe Dress sold at auction for $5.4 Million, it was originally expected to bring 1-2 million.  A 1936 Buggati (car) sold for over $30 million last year in a private deal. Bill Gates also paid $30.8 million for a historical notebook written by Leaonrado da vinci.Bugatti1

A Statue called “L’Homme Qui Marche” which was sculpted as a representation of humanity, fetched $103 million in a Sotheby’s auction.

Finally, the art market has also realized some staggering prices. For example, a painting featuring the “Portrait of Adele Bloch Beauer” sold for $135 million in a private sale.  These are just a few examples of some of the records that other collectibles have been selling for.

1794 DollarThere are tens of thousands of other collectibles that are not mentioned here which have also realized staggering prices. In the meantime, the single highest price paid for a coin so far is $7.85 million for a 1794 Dollar.

 Based off how other collectibles markets are performing, I wouldn’t be surprised if the record price of $7.85 million is broken in the coin market sometime soon.

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