Why Everyone Should Collect Coins

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Every day, we experience some kind of pressure, whether it’s at work, home, family members, friends, financial decisions or even health problems. All these things and many more obviously create stress.

Don’t worry, as human beings, we all have stress and sometimes stress can be a good thing.  Stress helps us to be alert when making important decisions and it even motivates us to do things that we probably wouldn’t have done, if we didn’t feel pressured to do so.

But, we all know that too much stress can have a negative impact on our health. So, what can you do to relieve stress? Studies have shown that exercise and diet alone can relieve stress. But to be honest, most of us probably prefer to eat a nice steak or a chocolate cake with ice cream instead of a salad. Many of us, also prefer to watch TV or go to the movies, instead of running on a treadmill or lifting up 300 pound weights.

So another great alternative to relieving stress that is not as intense as running on a treadmill or lifting 300 pound weights, is finding a fun hobby. And this is where coins come in. Here are just some of the great benefits of collecting coins.

Learning – We learn a lot about coins themselves, but we also learn about a large market where tens of millions of dollars’ worth of coins are being traded every day.

The Pursuit – If your building a set or even trying to find that one coin, sometimes it becomes a huge challenge and the pursuit itself can be really exciting, not to mention actually finding the coin.

History – Every coin has a history, either because it circulated or even the history of the world when the coin was actually struck. If the coin has a commemorative design it teaches us and reminds of us significant events.

Fun: Collecting coins can be really fun. They are great conversation pieces. Most people can’t comprehend on how two individuals can talk about one coin for hours, upon hours, and sometimes even days. Only coin collectors can really understand this.

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  1. daniel discioscia says:

    very cool pic. If these were real maple leafs what would they be worth

  2. daniel discioscia says:

    Canadian maple leafs are the most popular among bullion coins.

  3. Hi Daniel,

    Glad you liked the image. They would definitely be worth in the millions and maybe one of the Mints will follow this image concept to try and attract attention to their products.

    Best wishes, jaime

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