Will the 5 Ounce – 2010 Silver Quarters sell out?

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 The 2010 America the Beautiful 5 Ounce Silver Quarters are HUGE!!

 These are the largest coins ever struck or issued by the U.S. Mint. The largest coins the Mint had ever struck before these 3 inch America the Beautiful Bullion Silver coins, were the $50 Half Union Patterns struck back in 1877.

25c Grand Canyon Dime Compsrison


I placed a Roosevelt Dime next to a regular 2010 America the Beautiful Quarter based off their actual size, so our readers can get an idea on how big the coins really are. The U.S. Mint had to use a special German made Schuler Press to strike these enormous coins. It will also strike up to 100,000 of each of the five different designs.

 The 2010 America the Beautiful 5 Ounce Silver Bullion coins pricing has not been announced yet and they will only be distributed through the Mints’ Authorized Dealer Network. So, collectors will need to purchase the coins in the secondary market. Since the coins contain 5 ounces of silver, my guess is that the coins will sell anywhere from $150 to $180. 

 At PCGS we will be grading the coins and it will also be the largest holder we have ever used for any coins. I’m excited about the coins and I’m excited about the PCGS holders. I know many others are also excited about the coins.  

 Other recent modern coins have sold out in the past such as the 2009 Lincoln Commemorative Silver Dollars with a mintage of 500,000. And remember, the Mint will only produce up to 100,000 for each design of the 5 different 2010 America the Beautiful designs.

 Do you think that all 500,000 of the 2010 America the Beautiful 5 Ounce Bullion coins will eventually sell out? To answer click on, “Comments” above this post.

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  1. Tony S. says:

    I do think they will sell out all of the coins. I also think that some of them will hit the melting pot in the not to distant future if silver keeps going up !!!

  2. Jaime says:

    Hi Tony,

    Hopefully they do not get melted as I think they are very neat coins. But if silver does continue to go up in price, unfortunately, many coins may indeed hit the melting pots.

  3. David Brewer says:

    Without a doubt they will sell out!

  4. Robert says:

    It’s unfortunate these will be only offered through the secondary market which will result in an added overhead. As collectors we’ll have to check several vendors for the best price. It would have been better if the Mint offered them as a direct purchase through their web site.

    As for selling out, no doubt they probably will as the Authorized Dealer Network will buy as many as they can get their hands on with the prediction that they’re going to be a hot item.

  5. Kurt K. says:

    I think they will all sell out. People love big coins! If the price for all 5 is around $750, that’s well within a lot of budgets. The 2009 Ultra High Relief was about $1100+ and sold more than 100,000 coins, showing that there are over 100,000 people willing to spend that much money. In fact, they’d better have a 1-each-per household limit at first to make sure everyone who wants one gets one.

  6. Tim F. says:

    Hi folks. The U.S. Mint is very far behind in the bullion coin market. This will be a start and expand to the 2oz, 10oz and Kilo coins. Many 1/2oz coins are now coming into the market to fill the “affordabiliy” segment of new collectors. Since our coins virtually have no real metal value or worth, bullion coins with a denomination will be in HUGE demand. Stock up!

  7. Don M. says:

    Where can I get them? They will sell out.

  8. Tom c. says:

    I know they will sellout for whatever price they put on them. But they should sell them directly to the public from the mint, instead of getting many middle men in the way. The prices could be more reasonable for all Americans. I have found it hard and frustrating trying to get information on dates and who will get them from there list of dealers.

  9. Victor DeCurtis says:

    Once again, “Dealers” get to benefit, at the expense of the collector! They will sell out and the collecting public will be paying a significent premium, above and beyond the initial price charged by the U.S. Mint!

  10. Robert says:

    I think there is little doubt these coins will sell well and sell out.

  11. Hi David,

    I hope youre right and they do sell out as I really like the coins and hope there is a large demand for them.


    Yes, it is unfortunate that only Authorized U.S. Mint Dealers are allowed to purchase them. Hopefully, they change this in the upcoming years and allow us collectors to purchase them directly from the Mint.


    Yes, collectors do love big coins. I once owned a 32 ounce Mexican Libertad. The coin was HUGE and its one of my all time favorite coins.


    I agree, the Mint is far behind especially if compared to other World Mints. They have produced large coins for many years and in different metals. I am glad the U.S. Mint is finally catching on.


    As soon as they make it to the hands of the Mint Authorized purchasers you should see them everywhere online if you Google them. You can also go to our website under PCGS Authorized Dealers. Look for dealers who sell bullion coins. The odds are, most of the dealers if not all will have them in their posession.


    Hopefully the dealers don’t sell them at a huge premium. I personally beleive that there will be a lot of competition and the premiums won’t be to high.


    Thanks for your post. It looks like most collectors think they will sell out.

  12. Mike says:

    Hi Jaime,

    Do you think PCGS will consider grading oversized coins like your Mexican Libertad kilo coin or Australian Lunar kilo coins? As you stated, they are very cool to own. Right now I have a few and would absolutely love to see them in PCGS holders and I’m sure others would too.

  13. Hi Mike,

    Yes, I think we will and probably soon after we begin grading the 5 Ounce coins. I have not seen the NEW Large PCGS holders, yet. However, I think that any coins that are 3 inches in diameter or less will now be able to be placed in a PCGS holder.

    Once I see the actual holder, I can let you know whether we can holder coins that are larger than 3 inches in diameter and if so, what the largest size would be.

    Thanks for asking some very good questions.


  14. Why do the dealers get first crack at the coins. If the 5oz.ers’ are minted by the US Mint, then US collectors should be able to buy the coins directly from the US Mint. I personally do not like all the leg work of finding the best priced dealer and on EBAY the coins will probably sell for 3 to 4X the Mint price.

  15. Hi Dennis,

    Yes, I agree its unfortunate that we have to purchse the coins in the secondary market.

    Hopefully the Mint will change this next year.


  16. J Mark says:

    I don’t understand why, if the mint could not have enough blanks to issue the uncirculated 1 ounce eagles direct, that they are able to make a 5 ounce coin of silver, even if it will only be sold through this crazy”authorized dealer” double talk pain in the rear.
    I admit to being new to this area of coins but I just really don’t get it.
    Thanks all and Happy Holidays!!

  17. David says:

    I just found out about the release of these 5 ounce bullion coins. I have been eagerly waiting for news of the release of these coins in anticipation of purchasing them. I am put out that the US mint only makes them available through authorized dealers. I think these bullion coins should be made available through the mint website, and even through the subscription program, so that the people who really want to collect them can at a fair and consistant price! I feel it is not fair to only sell to the authorized dealers for the middle man to make a profit and gouge us in the price! I hope the mint comes to realize this and changes its marketing of these large bullion coins.
    To answer the question,I think they will sell out eventually.

  18. Allan says:

    The U.S. Mint is not producing 500,000 of the 5 ounce America the Beautiful Quarters. The Mint is only producing 33,000 of each coin. Collectors are going crazy for these coins as well as the prices. Good luck

  19. David Hanna says:

    Sure they will sell out. I plan on buying as many as I can.

  20. R. Tom Sizemore says:

    They’ll sell out. Folks will really want one graded PR70!!

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