Will You Be Ordering the Glow in the Dark Coins?

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On April 16, 2012 the Royal Canadian Mint will introduce it’s first official Glow in the Dark coin. The coin will feature a Pachyrinosaurus Lakustai dinosaur. This dinosaurs bone fragments were originally discovered in 1974 by Science teacher Al Lakusta. Thanks to Lakusta’s discovery an additional 14 different skulls and an approximate 3,500 more bones were discovered in this large bone bed.

Pachyrhinosaurs are believed to have existed here on earth approximately 72 million years ago. This specific dinosaur is believed to have been 26 feet long and weighed about 8,000 pounds. 

The coin is being produced by photo-luminescent technology that will not wear off and when the coin is in the dark, its surface design will transform into a glowing dinosaur skeleton.

The Royal Canadian Mint will begin sales of the Pachyrinosaurus Lakustai coins on April 16, 2012 at an issue price of $29.95 each. To order the coins visit the Royal Canadian Mint web site here. According to the Canadian Mint, three additional dinosaur coins will also be issued in a series called Prehistoric Creatures.

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