2011 Silver Eagle Sales Nearly Reach 40 Million – A New Record

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As of January 2010, the U.S. Mint has sold 39,868,500 total 2011 Uncirculated Silver Eagles. This is the all-time highest record for Silver Eagles sales by the U.S. Mint in a single year.

January 2011 appears to have had the best monthly sales with a total of 6,422,000 Uncirculated Silver Eagles being sold by the Mint.

Here is the monthly breakdown:

January 6,422,000

February 3,240,000

March 2,767,000

April 2,819,000

May 3,653,500

June 3,402,000

Jukly 2,968,000

August 3,769,500

September 4,460,500

October 3,064,000

November 1,384,000

December 2,009,000

The Mint sold three different types of Silver Eagles in 2011.

One was for investors which are the bullion coins.

Second coin was the proof coins which have a mint mark.

Third coins were the Burnished Uncirculated Silver Eagles for collectors with a mint mark.






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