What is Your Single Favorite Coin Issued in 2011?

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The year 2011 is almost over and the Mint will probably not release too many other coins for the remainder of the year, especially since the holidays are coming up.Yosemite coin

During the year 2011, the Mint did a wonderful job of producing some really neat coins and including some great coin designs. Not to mention they also struck coins in record numbers for many series .

My single favorite coin issued in 2011 was the 5 oz. Yosemite Quarter.  Although, the coins have a date of 2010, most of them we’re not released until 2011.

Yosemite is a beautiful historic place and the fact that they managed to capture this historic and beautiful scene and strike it in a 5 oz. planchet, makes it even more appealing coin in my opinion.

What was your favorite coin that was issued in 2011?

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