Coins Are Everywhere!

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Coins are everywhere!  They’re in your pockets, they’re on your dresser, they’re in your piggy bank…and now, they’re in your hotel.

Mayo photo

This is an image of a cement sculpture that my wife and I just ran across on a trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We were staying in the Mayo Hotel, a grand hotel that was once one of the largest in the country, where oil tycoons entertained guests and celebrities.  For some years, it lay empty and abandoned, but recently underwent a major renovation.   The redo looks great and the rooms are stunning.  We knew we were staying in a special property, but the coolness factor ratcheted up significantly when we came in through the Cheyenne Street entrance and ran across this wonderful sculpture.  It’s massive (at least seven feet tall) and looks just like the obverse of a Buffalo Nickel (although facing in a different direction).  We have no clue as to who made it or when, and its in an inconspicuous place, so few people will ever see it.  We asked our friend Jason Carter (who is a coin dealer headquartered in Tulsa) about the sculpture and he had never heard of it.

Coins are everywhere…even in places where you least expect them!

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