Does This Describe You?

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The Numismatist thinks of nothing but rare coins, muses on them, dreams of them.

His enjoyment involves all species of pleasure and mental excitement.

He is a sportsman, a gamester, an artist, a detective, a critic, an expert.

He follows the scent of a rare coin as a hound does that of a rabbit, and is never satisfied till he has traced it to its burrow.

The passions excited are ambition, hope, desire and envy; but never any to an extent to be injurious.

Your true Numismatist is usually a man of gentlemanly instincts, and scholarly attainments.  His associations are with men who think, reason, compare, sift evidence, and judge.  He is little likely to be gulled, being always on the look-out for counterfeits; still less likely to deceive others, having a wholesome contempt for base fabrication.  On the whole, this hobby is one which should be encouraged, because it leads the workings of the mind into proper channels, trains the faculties, and educates and encourages a sound, healthful taste for the aesthetic.

— From “Numismatics As A Hobby” in the American Journal of Numismatics, Vol. 1, No. 10 (New York, February 1867), p. 73.

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  1. Ron Elrod says:

    Not really sure about the “Gentlemanly Insticts” but the remainder of the statement is very much me as a collector.

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