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I’ve seen my share of great coins.  As a professional numismatist for over 33 years, an employee of PCGS since 2004, and as a cataloger of coins (and auctioneer for most of the big auction houses), I’ve been exposed to incredible rarities that most numismatists can only dream of.  I’m not bragging…I’m merely pointing out that even after decades of experience, there are some coins that I dream of, too.

One coin I’d love to see someday is an 1841-O Half Eagle.  Mint reports show a small mintage, but those are believed to have been 1840-dated coins.  No 1841-O Half Eagle has ever appeared on the market.

If you have one (a real one, please…fakes don’t count),  let me know and I’ll catch the next flight to your place.

In the meantime, what are some coins you dream of?

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  1. Vasilis Vasilakopoulos. says:

    i dream of a 5 drachma 1845 mint state condition,lusterous and gem.
    Ive had the posibility to keep one extremely fine(au55,58)in my heands after a apointment at Athens numismatic museum.They allowed me to be with the coin for a quarter of an hour alone!!That was a colourfull with some luster remained nice sample.

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