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1877 $50 J-1547 – PCGS PR64BN

Judd-1547 is the copper version of the legendary Judd-1546 (the unique gold $50 “Union” currently housed in the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Institution). The copper version is a great rarity in its own right, and is highly prized by collectors as the only option to own this pattern design. Several examples have been gilt (or gold-plated), possibly at the Mint or done privately; these are listed on PCGS CoinFacts under PCGS number 861891.

William Barber designed two versions of the $50 Union both sharing the same reverse but differing slightly in the size and shape of Liberty’s head on the obverse. Though not as rare as some patterns, the copper and gilt-copper $50 Unions are exceedingly popular and quite difficult to locate The finest J-1547 appears to be the PCGS PR64BN example that once belonged to William Woodin, F.C.C. Boyd, and which last appeared at auction in August 2011.

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  1. Shelly young says:

    Hi David I have a 1853 breaded hair large cent coin I have no experience in grading coins but I’d guess that it would grade faiy high do to the sharp details in her hair the liberty is still good and the color is awsome We have a out a dozen coin s that we hope after viewing u will say that there worth the effort to have graded and added to auction We have a flying eagle 1858 cent coin ,1865 two cent shield back coin, 1866 three cent and a 1883 five cent,a 1947 liberty dime as well as a 1912 barber nickel and several Morgan’s as well as probably a 100 mercury dimes and no no 1916 dime

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